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“Women’s Cancer Prevention” is a new package of services of the Lada Clinic with care for the health of our women.

Due to the increasingly long life expectancy and changing environmental conditions, the issues of timely diagnosis and prevention of malignant neoplasms today require such attention as never before. According to the World Health Organization, breast cancer is the most common malignant neoplasm in women in the world, ovarian cancer is the seventh in frequency, and together they form a group of tumors of the reproductive system, which ranks first in the incidence rate in the statistics among neoplasms.

The doctors of the Lada Reproductive Medicine Clinic care not only about the birth of healthy children, but also about the health of their parents. Thanks to the Breast Check and Ovarian Check female cancer prevention programs, any woman can find out about her risks, the condition of the mammary glands and ovaries and get advice from a gynecologist.

Breast Check
1300 грн 850 грн
Consultation and examination of a mammologist
Breast ultrasound
Complex "Diagnosis of breast cancer" (includes tumor markers MCA; CA 15-3)
Ovarian Check
1500 грн 950 грн
Consultation and examination by a gynecologist
Pelvic ultrasound
Complex "Diagnosis of ovarian cancer" (includes tumor markers ME4; CA 125; ROMA)

BONUS -10%

If you have completed the IVF program at the Lada Clinic.

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