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What kind of diet should future parents have?

Nutrition plays an important role not only during pregnancy, but also during conception. Consuming certain foods increases the vitality and quality of female reproductive cells and, accordingly, increases the chances of conceiving a child. Therefore, parents-to-be should make their diet as healthy as possible.

The consumption of foods rich in vitamin C contributes to the improvement of reproductive functions in women. In this regard, the consumption of citrus fruits, avocados, kiwi, apples, pears, berries, bell peppers and broccoli should be increased. The required minimum of vegetables and fruits is 5 servings per day.

You should eat foods rich in folic acid: greens, cabbage, oranges, as well as foods high in vitamin E – these are vegetable oils (flaxseed, olive, avocado oil, etc.).

Foods rich in carbohydrates will also be good for the body: rice, potatoes, whole grain breads and pasta.

You should include in your diet foods that are high in protein: fish, poultry, diet meats and legumes. In this case, the fish should be chosen from fatty varieties, such as tuna, trout, mackerel, sardine.

As a supplement to the usual diet, the doctor may prescribe additional vitamin complexes. So the body will definitely receive the necessary nutrients.

We recommend preparing for pregnancy in 3-12 months – so you can smoothly adjust your nutrition and responsibly approach an important event in your life fully armed.

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