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What is included in the preliminary IVF examination

IVF procedure requires the passage of a certain amount of preliminary examinations, among which there are both mandatory and prescribed according to certain indications.

For women

For the female half of the IVF procedure, a number of mandatory examinations are carried out:

  • gynecologist consultation and a full examination;
  • ultrasound diagnosis of the pelvis;
  • blood type and Rh factor;
  • a clinical blood test that is relevant for no more than one month;
  • blood test for the presence / absence of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C, B, the results of such a study are relevant for no more than three months;
  • assessment of vaginal cleanliness, examination of smears from the urethra and cervical canal;
  • Therapist consultation and conclusion.

In addition to the mandatory, the following can also be individually assigned:

  • mini-hysteroscopy, which must be performed before the tenth day of the cycle of menstruation;
  • hysterosalpingoscopy or hysterosalpingography, which must be performed on the sixteenth to twenty second day of the cycle;
  • uterine biopsy;
  • hormonal blood tests;
  • investigation of the presence of antiphospholipid and antisperm antibodies;
  • a study for the presence of pathogenic bacteria in the cervical canal and urethra;
  • cytological examination of a smear from the surface of the cervix;
  • screening for infectious diseases;
  • karyotyping;
  • consultations of related specialists.

For men

For the male half, a number of compulsory and special examinations are similarly conducted. Among the mandatory are:

blood test for the presence / absence of HIV, syphilis, hepatitis C, B (valid for no more than three months);

Special studies may include:

  • andrologist advisory opinion;
  • analysis to establish which group the blood belongs to and determine the Rh factor;
  • MAR test
  • screening for infectious diseases;
  • karyotyping.

If the couple in the pair crossed the 35-year-old age mark, then, among other things, you need to consult a geneticist.

All examinations, except for the spermogram, can be taken in a convenient place for themselves, however, doctors at the Lada Reproductive Health Clinic recommend that they be examined directly at the center. This is convenient for you, first of all, and there is no need for an additional interpretation of the results.

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