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Transportation of frozen biomaterial: embryos and sperm

Frozen embryos and sperm are stored in so-called straws – thin plastic tubes.
The contents of the tubes are frozen liquid.
Embryos are frozen in special liquid media containing cryo-protectors – special chemical compounds that prevent damage to embryos during freezing and thawing.
Each straw usually contains 2-4 embryos. Half of the straw cannot be thawed. If thawed, then the straw is completely.
Sperm undergo special processing before freezing. One portion of semen is frozen in 2-5 or more straws, depending on the purpose of cryopreservation.
One straw with semen is usually enough for one IVF (or ICSI, the price of which is available on our website) procedure, and sometimes 2-3 straws are required for insemination.
Straws with their contents are stored in a container with liquid nitrogen (liquid nitrogen has a low subzero temperature) in a special room in the IVF clinic.
Embryologists are responsible for the storage of frozen embryos and semen. They also keep special journals for recording cryo-embryos and cryo-sperm.
Without any damage to their contents, these straws can be transported to any other clinic. This can be another clinic in your city, or in any other city in the world. The same applies to the donation of the egg cell. You do not have to take it only in one particular clinic, you are in the right to change them if the conditions are not suitable.
Your embryos, whatever clinic they are in, are only your property (yours and your husband’s).
And at any time you can ask for your cryo-embryos or sperm to be handed over to you in order to transport the straws to another clinic (if you have decided to do the transfer or insemination in another clinic).
If you paid for freezing and storage, there is no reason why you might be denied this.
Sperm transportation may be required when purchasing donor sperm from another clinic. Such a need arises if you need sperm from a donor of a rare blood type and Rh factor, a donor of a rare nationality or with pronounced phenotypic (external) signs.
Straws can be transported in a Dewar vessel.

If the transportation takes no more than 3-4 hours, then a 1 liter thermos will suffice. If you need to take to another city, there may be delays on the way and transportation takes more than 4 hours, then it is better to take a 1.5 – liter thermos, or a Dewar vessel. nitrogen evaporates gradually.
When transporting, do not close the lid of the thermos tightly so that the nitrogen, as it should be, can constantly evaporate.
In principle, transporting frozen embryos and sperm is straightforward. But before passing and freezing sperm, it is necessary to contact urology clinic (Odessa) .

Have a good trip to your future children!

Synenko Vitaliy
Synenko Vitaliy
Clinical embryologist

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