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TOP 10 most common IVF myths

There are many misconceptions about IVF reproductive technology. Myths become a big problem for infertile couples who cannot decide on treatment. Let’s consider the most common judgments about IVF.

1. Infertility is an exclusively female problem

According to last year’s statistics, 40% of cases of infertility diagnosed by doctors had a male factor. In some periods, the figure reached 50%. Thus, in about half of cases, infertility is a male problem. Therefore, you need to check both partners.

2. It is better for a woman to give birth before the age of 30

In fact, the reproductive age is wider. The period from 18 to 35 years old is considered optimal for the birth of a child. This is not just a recommendation from doctors. This is our physiology. At the same time get pregnant with IVF possible at a much later age. Achievements in reproductive medicine make it possible to expand the capabilities of the female body for healthy gestation and birth.

On the other hand, there is some truth in this judgment. A woman is born with a certain supply of eggs – the so-called ovarian reserves. From about 35 years of age, its volume begins to naturally decrease. By the age of 45, the ovarian reserve is almost depleted, the body enters the perimenopausal period. Therefore, it is better to give birth earlier.

3. Children from IVF are weaker

There is an opinion that babies born from in vitro fertilization procedures have reduced immunity and therefore often get sick. Also, many people mistakenly believe that test tube babies are sterile. In fact, such judgments are groundless. Statistics not only do not confirm but refute them. Children born from IVF are healthier, as the strongest embryos are selected during the procedure. As for infertility, it can occur only as a result of genetic diseases of a reproductive nature. ART methods have nothing to do with it.

4. After IVF pregnancy, a woman is gaining weight rapidly

The reason for the myth is hormone therapy, which is used to stimulate superovulation. A large number of follicles can be obtained to improve the efficiency of the procedure. But how does this affect the female body?

In fact, with proper drug therapy, the effects are minimal. Well-chosen hormonal drugs do not cause strong weight gain. The patient’s lifestyle, eating habits and other related factors should also be taken into account.

5. Ukrainian specialists do IVF worse than doctors of foreign clinics

There really is no difference. All modern reproductive clinics use the same protocols and technologies. It does not matter in which country to receive treatment. The geography of the clinic affects the cost of therapy, in particular, drugs, as well as the availability of donor biomaterials.

When choosing a place of treatment, be guided by:

  • list of offered ART;
  • qualifications of medical personnel;
  • customer reviews.

6. Twins are born as a result of IVF

This was the case before. Now twins after IVF are as rare as during natural conception. In most cases, only one embryo is transplanted. This is strongly recommended by reproductive specialists, because pregnancy with twins is more difficult for both the mother and the fetus. With the consent of the woman, she can be implanted with two embryos. At the same time, the mother should be clearly aware of the possibility of developing multiple pregnancies.

7. IVF negatively affects women’s health

When planning treatment, a woman must undergo a thorough medical examination. If, as a result, specialists find a chronic or any other disease, the protocol is not carried out until complete recovery.

Under normal conditions, the body recovers quickly after the procedure. A woman’s hormonal health is also safe. How quickly it will recover depends on the condition before the IVF cycle. This is why it is so important to get tested before starting the protocol.

8. IVF is painful

The only procedure in which the patient may experience severe discomfort is the collection of oocytes. But this manipulation involves anesthesia. All other IVF stages are completely painless for the expectant mother.

9. Superovulation depletes the ovaries, after several IVFs there are fewer eggs

To understand the depth of the delusion, you need to understand the mechanism of stimulation. In the natural cycle, several follicles always mature. This is the so-called pool. The woman’s body is designed in such a way that only one follicle survives before ovulation, the rest die. The IVF program allows you to change this. Thanks to the stimulation, all follicles are preserved, including those that would have died anyway. So, IVF not only does not deplete the ovarian reserve, but allows you to maximize its potential.

10. Parents can choose the gender of the unborn child

ECO is regulated by international protocols. According to official rules, it is forbidden to choose the sex of the unborn child. But there are exceptions: when there is a genetic disease in the family that is transmitted through the male or female line.

Azhder Irina
Azhder Irina
Reproductionist, obstetrician-gynecologist

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