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Reception of a reproductologist: what to say, what questions to ask

No secrets
Often, expectant mothers hide some details regarding intimate life, hygiene, or even undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) programs in other clinics. Unfortunately, this can significantly affect the course and duration of treatment. So why complicate things? If you do not have confidence in your doctor, change your doctor, but withholding something is unsafe, first of all for you.

Clinic efficiency
Do not hesitate to ask how many babies were born thanks to ART and how effective the programs are at this clinic. In addition, all ART clinics officially report on the results of their work in the Association for Reproductive Medicine. On the Internet resources of the associations, information is presented in the public domain for everyone who wants to get acquainted with it.

Ukrainian Association of Reproductive Medicine

European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology

What are my chances?

The first consultation with a fertility specialist will not be complete without the question: “What are my chances of getting pregnant?” But only additional examinations will help to answer this question more specifically. As a rule, the reproductologist appoints them at the first consultation. This can be a husband’s spermogram, a woman’s hormonal tests, additional consultations from other specialists. You should not put pressure on the attending physician, because it really takes a little time to accurately determine your diagnosis and chances.

Number of embryos during transfer

Check immediately how many embryos are transferred in the clinic. Can you determine their number yourself or insist on the transfer of only one embryo? How does their number affect the effectiveness of IVF in a particular clinic?


What can they be? How to distinguish side effects from normal effects on stimulation or other drug manipulation? Clarify all risks at once. What can you expect from the clinic in case of complications that require hospitalization? Do you have to pay for treatment in these cases?

Treatment cost

There should be no secrets here either, but on the part of the clinic. What is the cost of the upcoming course of treatment? What exactly is included in the amount and what additional costs may be? The reproductologist should tell you about this at the consultation. Financial readiness is one of the important points when planning to enter the protocol.

I’m pregnant, what’s next?

When you have already come to the long-awaited positive result, you will need a specialist who will guide your pregnancy. Ask if the clinic provides this service and if not, if the doctor can recommend where to go.

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