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Pregnancy planning – competent preparation for conception

It is necessary to clarify what pregnancy planning is and what activities need to be carried out during this period.

How necessary is the pregnancy planning stage?

Pregnancy planning is your decision that you want a baby, as well as a set of measures to improve the health of future dads and mothers. It should start at least 3-4 months before the expected conception. This is the amount of time it will take to undergo examinations with specialized doctors and make changes in lifestyle and nutrition. If any diseases are found, for example, genital infections, add time for recovery to this period. With such planning, you can most likely count on a favorable course of pregnancy and the birth of a healthy child. Moreover, this fact has not been disputed for a long time.

We undergo a medical examination when planning a pregnancy.

First of all, future dads and mothers need to make sure that there are no sexually transmitted infections and diseases that block conception. This requires visits to the gynecologist and urologist. If you know about hereditary diseases, if the future dad is over 40 years old or a woman over 35, it will be useful to turn to a geneticist. Consultations of other specialists are appointed based on the results of analyzes and studies.

We lead a healthy lifestyle and get rid of bad habits.

Pregnancy planning excludes smoking, regular drinking, taking drugs. These habits weaken the body’s immune system and lead to a number of chronic diseases. Also, they will negatively affect the development of the fetus from the first days of conception, therefore, you should change your lifestyle in advance. It should be borne in mind that giving up bad habits initially causes stress, which is better to endure before pregnancy.

A positive attitude, adherence to sleep and rest, moderate physical activity, walks in the fresh air, a balanced diet – all these simple components of a healthy lifestyle are becoming especially important for future parents. They will have to go through a lot of different trials in the coming years, and constant care of their health should become a useful habit that they will subsequently instill in their child.

The correct diet when planning pregnancy.

The health of the child depends not only on the nutrition of the pregnant and lactating woman, but also on the diet of both parents at the stage of pregnancy planning. In addition, a woman in the first month does not yet know about her pregnancy, and the formation of a number of vital systems of the child’s body has already begun. Therefore, deficiencies in certain nutrients, minerals and vitamins should be prevented in advance. Doctors often recommend starting taking vitamin-mineral complexes with folic acid 3 months before the expected pregnancy.

Of course, it is difficult to comprehend and choose the correct dosage of various vitamins and minerals on your own. It is especially difficult to control their consumption with food, especially since the content of nutrients can fluctuate depending on heat treatment and a number of other factors.

Choosing vitamin preparations when planning a pregnancy.

When planning pregnancy, as well as at different stages of pregnancy, the need for vitamins and minerals is different. Moreover, it is important not only to compensate for the lack of nutrients, but also to prevent their overdose. That is why it is recommended to take complexes created specifically for each stage of pregnancy. The drug must contain a 100% norm of folic acid, iodine, lutein, as well as physiological doses of necessary micro- and macroelements, which help to reduce the risk of spontaneous miscarriage in the early stages, congenital intrauterine malformations of the cardiovascular and nervous systems of the fetus, as well as full development nervous system, brain and intelligence of the future baby. It is up to you to decide whether to give preference to dietary supplements or medications. Medicines have a more pronounced therapeutic effect, confirmed by clinical trials. In any case, you must first consult with your doctor and read the information in the instructions for use or in the leaflet.

If after a year the planned pregnancy has not occurred, you must contact a specialized clinic. Modern medicine cures many cases of both female and male infertility. In extreme cases, you can use the methods of artificial insemination (IVF, ICSI, etc.).

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