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Plasmolifting is an innovation in gynecology

We hasten to inform you that now you can use the plasma-lifting procedure at the Lada Clinic!

Over the years, under the influence of various kinds of factors, the rate of metabolism and regeneration in cells decreases. As a result, the process of normal cellular functioning stops. The result is aging and cell death.

Modern medicine does not stand still, and therefore, as a solution, we offer you a safe and effective way of tissue regeneration in gynecology – PLASMOLIFTING . The action of this procedure is aimed at awakening your own cells, to which the previous activity returns.

Plasmolifting procedure is a point injection of a person’s own plasma, enriched with growth factors and platelets.

Plasma is liquid, the bulk of blood. It contains all the nutrients that the human body needs. Plasma is enriched with platelets, and it is they that ensure the restoration of all tissues in the body. Since this procedure uses its own plasma, the procedure is completely safe.

How does this happen?

Initially, blood is taken from the patient (it is absolutely safe!). Further, the blood is centrifuged and plasma is released, which will be the basis of plasma-lifting.


On average, a course of 4-6 procedures is recommended with a frequency of 1 every 7-10 days.

Indications for the procedure:

  1. Enhancing local immunity
  2. Improving microcirculation and metabolism
  3. Elimination of discomfort in intimate life
  4. Elimination of age-related changes in the vaginal mucosa and external genital organs
  5. Treatment of leukoplakia, endocervicitis, cervical erosion and vulvar kraurosis

Contraindications to the procedure:

– Oncological diseases of the female reproductive system

– Pregnancy or lactation

– Systemic blood diseases

– Allergic reactions

It should be noted that plasmolifting has not only cosmetic aspects (improvement of appearance), but also increases the factor of women’s health (improvement of microcirculation, metabolism, treatment of defects in the mucous membrane of the cervix, etc.)!

Medical Center for Reproductive Health Lada strives to provide comfort to its patients in terms of beauty and health!

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