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Men’s talk about men’s fears during IVF

It is scary for everyone, especially when it comes to loved ones, family, children. In the latter case, the fears increase many times over, because to them is added a great responsibility.

As a doctor with many years of experience, I can say that many men, crossing the threshold of the clinic of reproductive medicine, experience some kind of fear.

So, what do men most often fear when it comes to the planned arrival of children through IVF?

👎Fear that “someone in the family will learn about IVF.”

Men are afraid of condemnation or misunderstanding. It’s even more of a blow to men’s ego. “I couldn’t do it myself, something is wrong with me.” Unfortunately, sometimes a man is so unprepared for such experiences that he himself does not come to the clinic or for a long time avoids the need to donate semen, refusing to believe that his tests may be invalid. But while he continues to be afraid, the couple loses precious time, which, alas, plays against reproductive health.

👎Fear that “when the egg is fertilized, the material will be” mixed up “and” the baby will not be mine.”

It is necessary to struggle with this fear by means of acquaintance with the attending physician and methods of work of clinic. I must say that our embryologists always go to meet couples and, if necessary, give a detailed, detailed consultation with all the explanations. It’s perfectly normal that you want guarantees you have every right. Therefore, if you are really tormented by this fear, ask your reproductive therapist for a consultation with an embryologist.

👎Fear that “it will not work.”

This fear, of course, is familiar to both partners, especially after many years of treatment and unsuccessful attempts to become parents. In my opinion, an open and honest dialogue with the attending physician, full trust in him and following all recommendations and appointments are extremely important here. Today, our clinic has a sufficient number of narrow specialists in its arsenal, examines a married couple to identify the possible cause of infertility or miscarriage, takes all necessary measures to eliminate any of the found causes and, accordingly, with a very high probability can predict pregnancy. .

👎Fear that “there will not be enough funds to achieve the goal” and the man will “let the family down.”

Yes, to bring the process to a result and not to go the distance is a big responsibility on the part of a man. This requires a clear, rational approach, the right prioritization and motivation. The road will be mastered by the one who walks. My experience shows that most IVF parents change their approach to life quite strongly during this period and overestimate their expenses.

Infertility has never been an exclusively female problem. This is a myth invented by men who, due to their fears or non-recognition of the problem, postpone the consultation of specialists. Therefore, I advise all men not to waste time and to avoid diagnoses not to postpone a visit to the urologist in the far box.

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