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MAR-test – the main method for determining the immune factor of men’s infertility

The MAR-test is a semen analysis that shows whether there are anti-sperm antibodies of the IgG and IgA class on your own sperm.

Antisperm antibodies (ASA) are special proteins produced by a man’s immune system as a response to inflammatory and traumatic processes (diseases, trauma, surgery, varicocele, chemotherapy, etc.). ASA – they attach to sperm and deprive them of the opportunity to fertilize an egg. In fact, the presence of ASA is an indicator of a malfunction in the body, within which its own germ cells are perceived by it as foreign and are attacked by the immune system.

A standard spermogram does not reveal this pathology. According to her results, sperm with anti-sperm antibodies are regarded by her as healthy. According to WHO standards, if there are 50% of sperm exposed to ASA, the patient is diagnosed with immunological infertility. Therefore, this analysis is extremely important when planning a pregnancy.

If this violation is detected, several solutions are possible to achieve pregnancy in a couple:

  • Therapeutic treatment;
  • “Cleaning” of ejaculate from ASA, followed by intrauterine insemination;
  • ICSI method – injection of one sperm into the oocyte cytoplasm.

Preparation for research is the same as for spermogram:

  • sexual abstinence for 3 to 5 days;
  • avoid alcohol intake,
  • exclude taking medications (by agreement with the doctor);
  • exclude exposure to high temperatures (bathhouses, saunas, etc.) or low temperatures (hypothermia);
  • reduce or eliminate strenuous physical activity.

This test can be scheduled on the same day as the spermogram (SG) test, or it can be taken separately in our clinic.

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