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Injections of beauty and reproductive system

While advertising rejuvenation procedures, some cosmetic clinics try to present them as absolutely safe and harmless. At the same time, they forget to warn clients that hyaluronic acid causes brain cancer, provoking the appearance of gliomas, and botox can deprive a woman of the joys of motherhood. All this remains behind the scenes. It’s time to highlight one of the main problems of the beauty industry.

How do injections kill our children?

Everyone knows the terrible disease botulism, which causes progressive paralysis. Death occurs as a result of respiratory arrest. The cause of the development of the disease is botulinum toxin poisoning. The name is translated from Latin as “sausage poison”.

Today botulinum toxin is used in cosmetology. Of course, we are talking about the minimum dose of a purified and diluted substance, which is not enough to kill a person. But this does not mean that the procedure using the deadly poison is completely safe. Each organism is different. In addition, the effect of the neurotoxin is still not fully understood.

Botulinum toxin is a protein that attacks nerve endings, preventing them from contracting muscles. As a result, the face relaxes, wrinkles are smoothed out. In cosmetology, very small doses of the drug are used, thus causing the neurotoxin to act locally.

But if the body turns out to be more sensitive or the wrong dosage is chosen, the influence may spread further. The deadly poison will enter the bloodstream and provoke dangerous consequences. Serious side effects of Botox include neurological problems, malfunctioning immunity, strokes, blindness, etc. The toxin causes depression and schizophrenia.

Botulinum therapy procedures are carried out every 4-6 months to maintain a lasting effect. Constantly resorting to the services of injecting cosmetologists, women increase the concentration of poison in the body. And although cosmetic companies claim that the toxin ceases to act for 3-4 months, these statements have not yet been scientifically substantiated.

At the same time, scientists still cannot answer whether botulinum therapy causes reproductive system disorders. The use of neurotoxin in cosmetology has been conducted not so long ago. Therefore, there are no objective data on the effect of the substance on humans. It is clear that botulinum toxin, like any poison, changes DNA. This means that it can affect not only the health of the mother, but also her children and, possibly, even grandchildren.

Here is what the results of testing the drug on animals showed.

  1. Decreased fertility.
  2. Manifestation of reproductive toxicity.
  3. The likelihood of spontaneous abortion.
  4. Development of fetal pathologies and defects.

This is enough for every competent doctor to prohibit the administration of botox during pregnancy, as well as during pregnancy planning and after childbirth. The substance is completely eliminated from the body in 21 days. But since the mechanism of its effect on the reproductive system remains unexplored, it is worth using the drug with caution during ovulation. During lactation, beauty injections are also contraindicated. The neurotoxin entering the bloodstream can pass into breast milk in the same way. What consequences the effect of the poisonous substance will have on the baby’s body is not known.

To learn more about all the risks and contraindications of the procedure, a consultation with a reproductive physician will help. Contacting such a specialist is necessary in a number of cases when the planning of a child is complicated by other factors. For example, when there is a suspicion of infertility, for genetic reasons, if there is a pregnancy with oncology, and so on. The doctor conducts an examination, prescribes the necessary tests and develops an effective treatment plan.

Botulinum therapy and the effectiveness of IVF

In vitro fertilization is one of the most effective methods of reproductive medicine. Fertility treatment in women through artificial fertilization of an egg has allowed many couples to become parents. It turns out that the same neurotoxin can reduce the chances of success.

The interaction of cosmetic products and IVF preparations has not yet been proven. But in practice, you can trace the connection. There are cases when public people resorted to IVF and faced serious reproductive health problems. Moreover, in each case, there were anti-aging procedures and plastic surgery.

Botox in IVF is dangerous for both the mother and the fetus. On the one hand, a weakened female body may exhibit ovulatory dysfunction. And against the background of hormone therapy, the consequences are unpredictable. Severe allergies may develop, even if such disorders have not been observed before.

The very procedure for replanting embryos requires a normal physiological and psychological state of the organism of the expectant mother. Botox shots are stressful. It should be excluded.

We must not forget that neurotoxin increases the likelihood of miscarriages. Treatment of female infertility is a complex process that requires a responsible approach not only from doctors, but also from the expectant mother. Does it make sense to take additional risks?

Botulinum toxin can also affect the fetus, causing disturbances in the following systems:

  • cardiovascular;
  • nervous;
  • circulatory;
  • digestive, etc.

The most dangerous exposure to poison is in early pregnancy. Although the size of the molecule is too large to overcome the placental barrier, we do not know what the consequences of a change in the composition of maternal blood after botulinum therapy can lead to.

The danger of beauty injections for the female body and the health of the baby has not yet been scientifically proven or disproved. With a high level of development of modern reproductive medicine, some issues remain unanswered. For example, the topic of IVF and oncology for children is also being explored. Our task is to take into account all available information and avoid unnecessary risks.

Danylova Kateryna
Danylova Kateryna
Reproductionist, obstetrician-gynecologist of the first category.

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