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Infertility control special forces

Treating an illness is much like a serious battle in which two experienced armies decide which of them deserves victory.

And if the disease acts in a dirty way (beats on the sly, hides the symptoms), then the team of doctors always plays openly and very harmoniously. This is what brings us to victory.

In each case, the patient is the main player. Much depends on his desire to win, faith in himself, desire to fight and do everything to achieve the goal.
The second most important player is family. It is here that your rear is a place where you recuperate, feel support and love. Without a strong rear, any battle is doomed to failure.

Well, the third link is our “special forces squad”, which has all the skills to eliminate infertility.

This detachment is commanded by a fertility specialist. It is he who studies the disease, conducts all the necessary tests and studies, prescribes medications and monitors the dynamics. It is he who builds the treatment strategy, coordinates the work and leads the team to victory.
The right hand is an embryologist. This specialist operates behind enemy lines, studying the smallest details. He conducts all research and cell manipulations (spermogram, oocyte evaluation, preparation of cells for IVF, ICSI, cryoprograms). The embryologist is always there. It helps the patient to understand what is happening to his cells and when, assess the chances of success and make the right decision.

A very important member of the squad is a reproductive psychologist. This is a truly secret agent who knows all the ways to neutralize the enemy in word and deed. The psychologist helps to reveal the hidden causes of illness, cope with fears, feelings of guilt, anger, despair and instill hope. Thanks to his support, hidden reserves are always found, a second wind wakes up and forces appear for the decisive stage. A psychologist is with the patient at all stages of IVF.

Also in our team: specialized specialists, reliable anesthesiologists, experienced nurses and attentive administrators.

Together we know exactly how to defeat infertility! Come, together we can do everything!

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