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If you can’t get pregnant

Sooner or later in the life of every woman there comes a moment when she says to herself “It’s time”. Once you have made a common decision with your partner and planned all the deadlines, you begin to put the plan into execution. But something is going wrong. Months pass, and pregnancy does not occur. There is something to think about, but do not panic. First of all, contact a specialist who can carry out high-quality diagnostics and identify the root of this problem. You need to apply with your partner, since you should not definitely blame yourself for not being able to get pregnant. Situations are different. The partner may be ill or have poor sperm motility.

There are certainly many factors that affect the pregnancy process. First and foremost, have more sex with your partner. Indeed, for the female body, the sperm is a foreign body that needs to be dealt with. The vaginal environment will release antibodies if it “forgets” your partner’s sperm. The sensation of arousal and orgasms during intercourse increases the production of potassium and sodium ions, as well as chlorine, which makes the sperm’s short life more calm in a hostile environment and increases their chances of reaching an egg and its fertilization.
It is important to know to completely avoid caffeinated beverages. Even with the normal course of pregnancy, doctors recommend completely abandoning coffee, especially after childbirth.
In addition, remove from the diet those types of fish that may contain mercury (mostly canned, such as tuna).
Regardless of the reasons for use, it is also necessary to stop using lubricants. It is clear that with a lack of secretions, they make sex more comfortable. But these are chemicals that destroy sperm.

During pregnancy planning, do not get carried away with taking vitamins. Excessive use of them will not do anything good. Especially pay attention to vitamin C, which should not be taken more than the daily requirement. But folic acid (vitamin B9) should be started to drink 3-4 months before the planned pregnancy. Its specificity is such that it is not deposited in the body. All that has not been assimilated is output.
Watch your hormonal background – any tension, excitement during sex, unhealthy diet, lack of water in the body (we recommend 1.5 pure water per day excluding liquid food) adversely affect the pregnancy process. Of course, this does not stabilize the production of all hormones in the body, but it will bring you closer to the cherished two lines on the test.
When contacting the specialists of our clinic, be prepared to donate blood for hormones first of all. After all, only after receiving the data and comparing them with the phase of the menstrual cycle, the doctor will be able to recognize violations in the reproductive system and understand why it is not possible to get pregnant. In women, the group of sex hormones is called estrogens, in men – androgens.

Of particular importance are:

  • Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Responsible for the production of estrogen and the formation of the egg. In the male, it is responsible for the maturation of sperm and it is the imbalance of FSH that leads to infertility. And in the female, it starts the ovulation process.
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH). The maturation of the egg is guaranteed by this hormone in the follicle. In addition, it promotes ovulation and the formation of the corpus luteum. Factors of infertility depend on the correspondence between FSH and LH.
  • Prolactin. Ovulation depends on it. Any deviation from the norm leads to a lack of ovulation. No ovulation – no conception, and as a result, you cannot get pregnant!
  • Progesterone. Popularly nicknamed “the main hormone of pregnancy”. A decrease in levels can lead to the fact that an already fertilized egg cannot stay in the uterus. Possible cause of infertility. To protect themselves from this, partners should monitor the level of vitamins B and E, as well as consume more protein foods (meat, cereals, fish).

A healthy lifestyle, regular sex with one partner, a positive mood will help you achieve results, otherwise we will help!

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