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Blood type and rhesus factor … an important factor when planning a pregnancy!

Stormy feelings and life pragmatism – things are incompatible: when meeting two loving people, it is not customary to be interested in blood type. As practice shows – unfortunately. The ideal psychological and sexual compatibility of people in love can be overshadowed by incompatibility by blood type and rhesus factor.

Recent studies on the role of blood type in conception, published by Turkish scientists, say that men with the first blood group are four times less likely to earn impotence than boys with other blood groups. Experts from the Horde University in Turkey noted that blood type is as important a risk factor as smoking, overweight, high blood pressure. The reason is not clear, but scientists have stated that in people with the second blood group, the penis has a large number of veins, the shell of which can be damaged, which leads to erectile dysfunction.

Blood type also affects female fertility. Girls with the second group are more likely to have a healthy baby for a long time than the first. Studies have shown that women in the first group quickly deplete their egg stores early in life. However, women with the first group have a lower risk of developing preeclampsia – high blood pressure during pregnancy, which can be dangerous for mother and child.

Be that as it may, life does not always happen “according to science”, that’s why our article was written.

What is blood type and rhesus factor?

Blood group is a complex of specific proteins on the surface of red blood cells (erythrocytes). The main system that determines the incompatibility and compatibility of blood for conception and transfusion is the ABO system. According to this system, there are 4 groups, each of which has its own combination of agglutinogens (A, B) and agglutinins to them (a, b) ..

Rhesus factor (RH) is the second clinically significant classification of blood after the ABO system. The key antigen is antigen D. If it is on the surface of the erythrocyte, the blood is considered rhesus-positive, if not – then, accordingly, rhesus-negative. Most people on the planet, about 85% are rhesus positive, the rest will be negative.

Compatibility of blood groups during pregnancy

Belonging to a certain blood group in humans begins to form in the womb. Incompatibility develops in cases when in the blood of one person there are agglutinogens, and in the blood of another the corresponding agglutinins. In these situations, there is an agglutination reaction (gluing) and erythrocytes can not fully perform their function.

Pregnancy and blood type do not cause complications in the following situations:

  • Partners of the same group;
  • The mother has a fourth;
  • The father has the first group.

If the child begins to form a blood group that is incompatible with the mother, then there may be an immunological conflict. In these cases, there is a high probability of miscarriage in early pregnancy. In addition, this condition can lead to the development of hemolytic disease in children.
Often the woman does not get pregnant due to incompatibility, but the reasons can also be much deeper. In the center of the treatment of infertility all the necessary analyzes will be made for you and our specialists will consult about your problem.

Blood groups

FatherMotherBabyProbability of conflict
0 (1)0 (1)0 (1)no
0 (1)А (2)0(1) or А(2)no
0 (1)В (3)0(1) or В(3)no
0 (1)АВ (4)А(2) or В(3)no
А (2)0 (1)0(1) or А(2)50% probability of conflict
А (2)А (2)0(1) or А(2)no
А (2)В (3)either (0(1) or А(2), or В(3), або АВ(4))25% probability of conflict
А (2)АВ (4)0(1) or А(2), or АВ(4)no
В (3)0 (1)0(1) or В(3)50% probability of conflict
В (3)А (2)either (0(1) or А(2), or В(3). or АВ(4))50% probability of conflict
В (3)В (3)0(1) or В(3)no
В (3)АВ (4)0(1) or В(3), or АВ(4)no
АВ (4)0 (1)А(2) or В(3)100% probability of conflict
АВ (4)А (2)0(1) or А(2), or АВ(4)66% probability of conflict
АВ (4)В (3)0(1) or В(3), or АВ(4)66% probability of conflict
АВ (4)АВ (4)А(2) or В(3), or АВ(4)no


Rhesus compatibility

Negative blood type of the fetus during pregnancy is not always a threat to the baby.

  • In a situation where the partners with a negative blood group, the baby also has a negative rhesus factor, the blood of the fetus and mother are similar, there will be no conflict;
  • In rare cases, when a Rh-positive father and a Rh-negative mother have a Rh-negative blood group, the pregnancy will go smoothly;
  • If the mother has a positive blood group and the baby is negative, there will be no protein incompatibility.

Problems arise when a rhesus-negative mother has a fetus with a positive group. The blood in a woman’s body can begin to produce antibodies to destroy the baby’s foreign proteins.

If a rhesus-negative woman is pregnant for the first time and has not had an abortion or miscarriage before, you should not worry. The blood in the mother’s body has not yet come into contact with foreign erythrocytes and has not learned to “fight” them.

Women with a negative Rh factor have a blood test to determine the content of antibodies. Close attention is paid to those pregnant women with a negative blood type in whom antibodies have been detected. Rhesus-negative women should monitor their body very closely and listen to its signals. In order to remove all doubts about such a problem, we also advise you to visit consultation of the urologist (Odessa) .

This attitude will help prevent:

  • dropsy (edema of the fetus);
  • anemia;
  • miscarriage;
  • impaired brain, speech or hearing of the child.

Importantly! Severe manifestations of Rh incompatibility increase with each subsequent pregnancy.

Prevent a conflict between the blood of the mother and the fetus allows the timely appointment of a gynecologist injection of anti-D-immunoglobulin, safe for both mother and child. This is done after:

  • childbirth (within three days);
  • abortion;
  • amniotic fluid analysis;
  • miscarriage;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • placental abruption;
  • transfusion.

Remember: if you and your baby have a different group and rhesus – this is not an indication that there will be problems. Group and rhesus are just the presence or absence of specific proteins in the blood. The reaction of the body and the development of pathologies in our time can be successfully controlled with medication. Your attention to your body, as well as consultation with a gynecologist will help to make a healthy baby.
Also in the Lada clinic for couples who have problems with pregnancy, there is a procedure for insemination, the price which is fixed.

Kaleeva Alla
Kaleeva Alla
Reproductive specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist of the highest category

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