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Assessment of embryo quality – how to define “low-quality”

In modern embryology, each embryologist determines the quality of the embryo. What is it for? So that when we have not one, but several embryos, it would be possible to choose, first of all, the most promising for transfer. In the arsenal of an embryologist, today, there are from modern embryoscopy and preimplantation diagnostics to classification according to Gardner or the Istanbul Consensus. When the next day after fertilization comes, it is the embryologist’s job to assess the quality of the zygotes. The quality and quantity of pronuclei are assessed.

It is important to do this within a certain period of time after fertilization, as the pronuclei disappear over time. If the embryo is 2 days old or 3 days old, then it is important for the embryologist to assess the quantity, quality and equality of blastomeres, as well as the presence or absence of fragmentation. As a rule, in modern world practice, embryos are cultivated for up to 5 days. To assess the quality of 5 days old embryos – blastocysts, the Gardner classification is most often used, where the embryologist analyzes the quality of the trophectoderm and intracellular mass.

Also, when assessing the quality of embryos, embryoscopes are used. This device is an incubator that allows you to describe the morphological characteristics of embryos without the need to extract them from the optimal gas and temperature environment.

So far, to date, the correlation between the quality of the embryo and its genetic profile has not been proven. Therefore, preimplantation genetic diagnosis is increasingly being used. This genetic analysis is a method for identifying embryos with genetic and / or chromosomal abnormalities, which also reflects the quality of the embryos.

Subsequent transfer of embryos without chromosomal abnormalities allows:

  • reduce the number of reproductive losses;
  • to increase the efficiency of ART cycles for transfer;
  • prevent the birth of a child with chromosomal diseases;

If a woman wants to understand the quality of her embryos, then it is advisable to sign up for a consultation with an embryologist. An embryologist at the LADA reproductive health clinic will always answer any questions you may have in the world of embryology.

Synenko Vitaliy
Synenko Vitaliy
Clinical embryologist

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