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Answers to questions from the reproductive specialist Danilova Ekaterina Olekseevna

Tell us about the criteria for joining the program Reproductive, there is no way to come to you.

Age 38 years old, at least 16 antral follicles, AMH more than 2, normal karyotype, no more than 1 lane surgery in history, normal spermogram. More detailed information can be obtained from your fertility specialist.

If there was a follicle with a diameter of about 23 mm, which burst and a corpus luteum formed, could there not be an egg in it?

Yes, this is possible. Not every follicle can contain a good quality egg.

Is the test contact informative?

Yes of course. If all preparation criteria are met

The hyaluronic acid binding test is very expensive … can only the SG + MAP test be taken?

Spermogram and MAP test do not provide the information that is displayed in the results of the Hyaluron Binding Test

And if the TORCH took it last year, should I take it again?

According to order 787 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, patients before the IVF program pass a mandatory list of examinations. This analysis needs to be updated.

Do spouses need to take a karyotype before IVF?

Desirable. It is obligatory to pass a karyotype for self-abortion, complications of pregnancy, genetic disorders in patients or their relatives.

There are more antral follicles on 2-3 DMCs? in the second phase will show them a little on ultrasound?

To assess the ovarian reserve, examination is preferable on days 2-3 of the menstrual cycle.

Can you also apply for the Reproductive Program through Monobank?

Yes, it is through Monobank

Estradiol on the third day after the embryo transfer grew to 4500, what is the reason for this and can this be the reason for the negative result?

The reason for the negative result may be various factors. In this case, you need to study the history of your “protocol”.

Good day! What is the likelihood of spontaneous pregnancy with obstruction of 1 fallopian tube?

The answer to your question is possible only after examination, assessment of ovarian reserve and age.

Good day. Please tell us about the need for karyotyping and hla typing (early miscarriage and 2 biochemical pregnancies in 4 years)

We recommend compulsory karyotyping and PGT of embryos.

Good day! 4 ZB (: Bicorno, teratozoospyrmia, thrombophilia, F13A1 gene Heterozygous, MTR: 2756 Heterozygous, MTHFR: 1298 Homozygous, MTRR: 66 Heterozygous APS, homocestyin. Karyotypes of the husband and mine.

We recommend that you undergo hysteroscopy, as well as undergo the IVF protocol with OGT

Good day. AMG 1.5. How likely is self-pregnancy?

It all depends on your age, the condition of the fallopian tubes and the parameters of your spouse’s seminal fluid.

Moving 35% Moving 65% Viscosity 2.0 is it possible to become a father?

We recommend a consultation with a urologist, additional examination of semen (Spermogram in dynamics, MAP test, GST)

How and in what to look for the reason for the next negative protocol?

The success of IVF depends on 2 main factors: the quality of the embryo and the quality of the endometrium. Concomitant changes in health status, extragenital pathology, etc. are also important.

Good day. Before the protocol, you need to pass TORCH. Can I not take those for which there are already IgG antibodies or, for example, there is a rubella vaccination?

Rubella antibody test results must be provided.

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