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Answers to questions from embryologist Vladislava Yurievna Meteshkina

Do we need to make an appointment with a reproductologist to clarify the data on the quality of the donor’s eggs? The protocol was in your clinic

After puncture of the donor, the embryologist selects the obtained oocytes, only good quality oocytes are taken into work, respectively, poor quality oocytes are discarded, plus now a new option has appeared in the clinic and the embryologist now examines each donor oocyte for the presence and location of the division spindle (which is also a method oocyte quality assessment). It doesn’t make much sense to go to consultations on this matter, but for any questions regarding your biomaterial (oocytes, sperm, embryos), you can always sign up for a consultation with an embryologist.

What is an indication for mandatory OGT and in what cases can OGT not be done, without further risks?

The main common indications for OGT are:

  • the woman’s age is over 35;
  • unsuccessful IVF attempts;
  • frozen pregnancies or habitual miscarriage;
  • family genetic diseases;
  • violations in the karyotype of the couple.

The risk assessment is provided by the geneticist, if any.

Is it possible in your clinic to pay for PGT by the piece for each embryo?


If the IVF protocol is on block, what day can embryo transfer be?

It is not entirely clear what is meant by IVF blockade. The embryo transfer is always done by the decision of the reproductologist (depending on the current history and patient’s indicators)

I read that with ICSI, when cleaning the oocyte from cumulus, the polar body can break off and migrate under the pillucidal zone. As a result, the embryologist can damage the spindle of division, fertilization will not occur and the embryo will stop developing. Is this a disadvantage of ICSI? How common is this? And how appropriate then ICSI for normozoospermia.

There were no such situations in our clinic. And at present such a situation is excluded, since in the arsenal of embryologists there is a special nozzle-polarizer, thanks to which the presence and location of the division spindle is visualized during ICSI. In our clinic, we do ICSI in 100% of cases. Normozoospermia does not reflect the genetic potential of sperm.

I’m 38, my husband is 39 Frozen sperm or fresh sperm better for fertilization in the IVF program?

It is always preferable to donate sperm on the day of fertilization. If for some reason this is impossible, then they can be cryopreserved.

Out of 5 donor eggs, the result is the only 5AB embryo that has not even been implanted, what is the reason for, perhaps the donor is not very good?

Embryo 5 AB is a good quality embryo. In general, in repudoctological medicine, 70% is the embryonic factor and 30% is the female factor. Accordingly, in your situation, it is most likely a female factor.

Kruger analysis 0, what does it mean?

According to Kruger, normally 4% of sperm with normal morphology are determined in semen. 0% means that no such spermatozoa were found in this portion of semen.

Embryo 5 AB is it good?

Yes, this is a good quality of the embryo, and it has a high probability of implantation.

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