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About the PGT process and how it happens at a PGT consultant

Why do I need a consultation before testing?

First of all, we recommend consulting for potential parents. Our doctors, in particular our reproductive specialist and genetic consultant, conduct a small consultation for the family.

At what stage is the consultation made?

A PGT consultation is absolutely essential in those situations where this testing is questionable. Sometimes we are forced to explain to parents that in their case PGT is impossible, and instead it is better to use prenatal diagnostics. Another situation is more common: an additional family examination is necessary before PGT. This is often the case if the diagnosis is based on clinical signs and molecular genetic testing has not been performed. Before analyzing embryos, it is necessary to find out in advance the specific mutation that caused the inherited problems in these parents.

What does a PGT consultation differ from a regular appointment with a geneticist?

The most important difference between a consultation with a PGT consultant and a consultation with a geneticist is the task that the parents set for the specialist. If the task of a geneticist is to make a diagnosis, to determine the risks of diseases for offspring or other family members, to identify ways to reduce this risk, then the mission of a PGT consultant is narrower and more specialized. He needs to evaluate the feasibility of using a specific PGT method to solve a problem in the family and educate patients about all the features and risks of this high-tech procedure so that they can make a truly informed decision about whether they need PGT or not. In addition, there are a lot of PGT methods, and the choice between them in a specific situation is not always very simple.

PGT, which we carry out in the clinic for reproductive health “Lada”

  • PGT-A (preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidy) improves IVF results.

Results of IVF programs after PGT-A (PGS) using next generation sequencing

    • 43-59%* – programs with PGS-NGS
    • 24-39%* – programs without PGS-NGS
  • PGT-M (preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic diseases) is a kind of preimplantation genetic diagnosis that detects genetic defects inherited by a child from parents.

Using PGT, we can diagnose 100% of known genetic abnormalities.

  • PGT-SR (preimplantation genetic testing for structural rearrangements) – examination of the genetic material of the embryo for the presence of abnormal chromosome fragments involved in translocation.

Translocation is the movement of a piece of genetic material from one chromosome to another. Most often, the altered arrangement of genetic material on chromosomes is inherited from one of the parents.

PGT-SR can be performed for carriers of balanced translocations, reciprocal translocations, inversions and other complex rearrangements.

In the clinic for reproductive health “Lada” you can get examinations:


All in one:

  •   one biopsy,
  •   one procedure,
  •   lots of possibilities!

During one biopsy, we can immediately test:


An additional benefit will be a visual report with the conclusion of all preimplantation diagnoses and recommendations for the transfer of each embryo with genetic information obtained during the PGT.

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