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Effectiveness of programs up to 81,12%
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If you have any questions, please call us: +38 0482 37 37 47, or give us your phone number and we will call you back. :


Contact us

Contact the administrator of the Lada clinic in order to make an appointment. Please call us on +38 0482 37 37 47, order a Callback or write to the Online chat.


We are waiting for you

We will be waiting for you at the appointed time. If you have any medical documents or reports – please, take them with you.


A meeting with you

During this meeting, you will receive answers to your questions and discuss the amount of compensation for donation. After a meeting with the doctor and the initial examination, the doctor will draw up a list of tests that you can take for free with us.


Survey results

Based on these examinations, the doctor will prescribe a treatment for you, if necessary, or proceed to the next stage.



When a request for your profile appears, we will invite you to begin the stimulation. Please note that egg donation in Ukraine is anonymous and biological parents will only see a description of your appearance.


Health tracking

During the stimulation, the doctor of the Lada clinic will monitor your condition so that nothing could harm your health.



After the stimulation, your doctor will perform a puncture, minimal surgery, and your eggs will be transferred to embryologists for fertilization with the material of the biological father.



Get the compensation.


Everything worked out!

Congratulations! You helped a couple to become happy parents!

  • Participation in the egg donation program will help a couple suffering from infertility (in the presence of such factors as poor quality of their own oocytes, embryos, etc.) to achieve a long-awaited pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child;
  • This will provide you with additional income;
  • This does not require you to change your usual rhythm of life, doctor's appointments are compatible with your schedule. From the moment of joining the donation program - the duration of the program only takes 2-3 weeks;
  • You will undergo a free examination and receive a wide range of information about your health.
    You can become an egg donor if:
  • You are an adult, capable, both physically and mentally healthy woman who has her own healthy child or several children;
  • You have no bad habits (smoking, alcohol or drug use);


Start planning your pregnancy now. We will help you!
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