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    How to prepare for IVF so that it works the first time?

    How to prepare for IVF so that it works the first time?

    Preparation for IVF: stages

    1. For the year:

    Of course, you need to start with adhering to a healthy lifestyle and diet of parents, exclude smoking (especially passive), alcohol. It is necessary to avoid stress, psychological strain, excessive concentration in treatment.

    1. For half a year:

    It is necessary to normalize body weight: get rid of extra pounds, but leave reserves for the growth and development of the unborn child. Developing healthy eating habits and lifestyles can increase your chances of having a healthy baby.

    1. For 3-4 months:

    An examination to thoroughly determine your overall health. It should be complete and comprehensive for both partners. Also, hormonal examinations and studies are carried out to identify the risk of transmission of genetic diseases and immunological incompatibilities.

    1. For 3 months:

    Do not forget about vitamins, especially those recommended for taking during a future pregnancy. They are characterized by a high content of folic acid, the lack of which in the body of a pregnant woman in the early stages can lead to malformations.

    1. For 2 months:

    The choice of a treatment program for each specific married couple, depending on the clinical situation. This can be both a medication solution and the use of assisted reproductive technologies.

    1. From the first days of the menstrual cycle:

    According to an individually drawn up plan, the patient is prescribed stimulating drugs. They force several eggs to develop in the ovaries, which will be used for in vitro fertilization outside the body in IVF cycles.
    And you already know how to increase the chances of successful IVF. It is very important to follow all the doctor’s advice and take your medications on time. This has a direct impact on the success of the protocol.

    1. Within about two weeks:

    The doctor, using an ultrasound study of folliculometry, monitors the growth of follicles and the maturation of eggs. This is done in order to timely adjust the appointment and achieve maximum results. On a certain day of the cycle, a puncture of the ovarian follicles is performed (extraction of eggs from the ovaries).

    IVF procedure: how is it carried out

    8. Day of puncture:

    On this day, a man donates sperm for fertilization of the obtained eggs outside the body. Before fertilization, sperm is processed to separate actively motile spermatozoa, release from seminal plasma, leukocytes and other sperm elements that reduce the likelihood of fertilization. It is very important to have a puncture at the appointed time, otherwise the eggs will be lost. This procedure is performed under general anesthesia (medication sleep)

    1. Day X:

    Next, we will tell you how IVF goes. The embryologist injects the man’s sperm into mature eggs obtained during a puncture. After that, the fertilized cells are transferred to a special incubator for further development.

    1. On the 5-6th day of embryo development:

    Then the mature embryos are transferred to the patient’s uterus, where they are to be implanted. More often, one embryo is transferred, while others are cryopreserved. The patient is prescribed drugs that help the embryos to anchor to the walls of the uterus and develop further for a healthy course of further pregnancy. This procedure is painless and easily tolerated by patients.

    1. After embryo transfer:

    On what day after transfer does the embryo take root?

    Embryo attachment can occur within 3-12 days. It is very important to maintain maximum calmness and a positive mood. Especially during the first weeks. Physical and psychological stress, long trips, sauna, swimming in the sea are not recommended.

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