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    Is it possible to find out the sex of the baby with the help of IVF

    Is it possible to find out the sex of the baby with the help of IVF

    Surely, each of us at least once in his life came across on the Internet some folk methods of calculating the sex of the unborn child. Our grandmothers or relatives didn`t tell us anything. Whatever they come up with – from the color of the bed linen at the time of conception to the shape of the abdomen of the pregnant woman. But still, let`s once and for all put an end to the many existing myths.

    And I`ll start with the fact that none of the invented “methods” got laboratory confirmations. The sex of the baby determines the chromosomes of the fertilizing sperm. A boy is born if the sperm carries Y chromosomes and the X chromosome determines the birth of a girl. And, of course, neither the phase of the moon nor the day of the cycle can contribute to which chromosome carrier will reach the egg at the time of conception first.

    However, the myth of IVF and sex determination with its help appeared for a reason. The fact is that it is really possible to determine the sex of the future baby, but with the help of pre-implantation genetic testing (PGT). This is a laboratory method that allows you to analyze the embryos that were obtained during the IVF procedure to determine genetic disorders. PGT is performed to ensure optimal selection of embryos for transfer to the uterine cavity before a woman actually becomes pregnant, and aims to study the embryo and possible hereditary diseases and pathologies that can be transmitted depending on sex. For example, if one of the future parents has genetic pathologies and chromosomal abnormalities.

    Indications for PGT:

    • Family history of X-linked diseases.
    • Chromosome translocations that can cause what causes an implantation defect, abortion, pathology of a physical and mental nature.
    • Autosomal recessive diseases.
    • Autosomal dominant diseases.

    Also, PGT is recommended for:

    • The need for HLA typing.
    • The need to obtain Rh-.

    PGT can be performed at the request of patients in the presence of an application for pre-implantation genetic testing in the form approved by the law of Ukraine.

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