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    Can`t get pregnant. What to do?

    Can`t get pregnant. What to do?

    Pregnancy is a natural process with regular sexual intercourse without contraceptives. Despite the fact that this process is completely natural, many factors can prevent the onset of pregnancy. Starting from general physical and psychological condition, to real health problems.

    With the right approach to pregnancy, you need to start with an examination. And the first step is a check with a gynecologist. The doctor will assess the state of the reproductive system and readiness for pregnancy.

    Why you can`t get pregnant – possible reasons

    Pregnancy occurs during ovulation, that is, the release of an egg ready for fertilization from the ovary. It enters the fallopian tubes and, fertilized with a sperm, descends into the uterine cavity, where it becomes fixed and pregnancy develops. If this does not happen, menstruation occurs.

    Having ovulation is a prerequisite for conception. Its offensive is checked using special tests. If during three menstrual cycles they show a negative result, this means that there is no ovulation or this process is disturbed for physiological or pathological reasons. A gynecological examination will help to clarify them.

    In the case when there is ovulation, but pregnancy does not occur, the reason for this may be related diseases.

    What diseases can cause problems with conception?

    There are a number of diseases, with which are less likely to get pregnant. For example:

    • thyroid disease;
    • diabetes;
    • obesity, metabolic disorders;
    • pituitary insufficiency;
    • hormonal imbalance;
    • infectious diseases of the reproductive system;
    • polycystic ovary syndrome;

    Polycystic ovary disease is the most common problem that prevents pregnancy. As a rule, it is eliminated by hormone therapy, which stimulates the ovaries. Then conception is possible naturally or through intrauterine insemination.

    • obstruction of the fallopian tubes;
    • uterine pathology – congenital or acquired;
    • sperm motility – the reason why a woman cannot get pregnant, sometimes lies in a man. For example, in violation of the motor activity of sperm, which affects the fertility of sperm.

    Signs of infertility – what tests should you take?

    You shouldn`t storm the Internet with inquiries on how to determine infertility on your own. This is a diagnosis made by a doctor, with confirmation in the form of tests. It is worth contacting a specialist after a year of unsuccessful unprotected contacts. He will help to understand the reliable reasons why the conception of a child does not occur. And he will select the most optimal way to get pregnant if it is not possible to do it naturally.

    What tests are taken if infertility is suspected?

    Іnfertility diagnostics is recommended for both women and her husband/partner.


    • take blood for hormones;
    • check the patency of the fallopian tubes by ultrasound;
    • a number of home ovulation tests are performed and in the clinic using ultrasound;
    • mucus from the cervix after intercourse is tested;
    • progesterone level is measured;
    • the thickness of the endometrium is being studied.


    • hormone level is determined;
    • an ultrasound examination of the prostate and testicles is performed, their biopsy; an x-ray of the vas deferens is taken;
    • testing for infections;
    • genetic research.

    The process takes about two months.

    How to increase the chance of getting pregnant

    If you`re just getting started and it`s too early to make a diagnosis, try some tips to improve your process.

    1. Monitor your body weight and monitor your diet. Avoid “hungry” diets and systematic overeating.
    2. Stop smoking and alcohol.
    3. Avoid strenuous physical activity – light jogging, gym three times a week will be beneficial, but exercising until exhaustion decreases fertility.
    4. Follow your doctor`s recommendations carefully.

    The path from finding the causes of infertility to curing it is impossible without an experienced specialist. The doctors of the Lada clinic will help in solving any problems associated with reproductive dysfunctions. In modern medicine, fertility treatment in women gives successful results. And the choice of methods of conception greatly increases the chances of becoming parents.

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