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    10 questions for a nutritionist

    10 questions for a nutritionist

    1. Foods for conception: what foods are harmful to conception?

    These include dishes of such a popular fast food. They are characterized by a large number of trans fats that suppress the hormonal activity of the reproductive organs. When fast food predominates in your diet, the maturation of a full-fledged egg can be expected for several months! Shop confectionery and baked goods are also saturated with trans fats.

    2. Products to help get pregnant

    It’s that simple! In food for conceiving a healthy child, you need to add the use of healthy vegetable fats, and also add unrefined olive, walnut, and linseed oil to ready-made meals. Fish, avocado, caviar should be added to the diet, because these are products to stimulate ovulation.

    A sufficient amount of vegetables (400-800 g / day) and fruits (200-300 g / day) saturates the body with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as beneficial acids.

    3. What bad habits should be avoided when preparing for pregnancy or IVF?

    It is definitely necessary to exclude:

    – smoking;

    – alcohol;

    – sedentary lifestyle;

    – falling asleep later than at 23:00.

    4. How should you prepare for pregnancy and what good habits should you acquire?

    It is necessary to form the following habits:

    – get enough sleep, but sleep no more than 8 hours;

    – drink enough water and do it right so that the water is absorbed;

    – regularly walk in the fresh air;

    – engage in your favorite moderate physical activity;

    – analyze your diet at the consultation of a nutritionist (determine what healthy and unhealthy foods are for pregnant women);

    – define for yourself one hundred percent anti-stress lesson in case of nervous overstrain.

    5. How does excess weight affect pregnancy and conception?

    Pregnancy can be difficult if the woman is overweight. Obesity is often associated with the development of insulin resistance, which disrupts the hormonal balance of the female body. Of course, any hormonal imbalance can adversely affect reproductive function. To conceive a child, the diet for conception should include organic products in which you are absolutely sure. It is important that they are not treated with chemicals.

    6. What are the chances of a successful pregnancy or IVF in women with underweight?

    Unfortunately, even less than that of an overweight woman. In this state, the body deliberately turns off the reproductive function, because the main thing for it is to survive!

    7. Do I need to take additional vitamins if the diet has already been adjusted to the maximum?

    If the problem of conception still persists, it is necessary, together with the doctor, to balance the diet with additional vitamins, fats, micro and macro elements.

    8. What amount of fiber is safe so as not to provoke flatulence, spasms and disturbances in intestinal motility?

    25-30 g in pure form per day, which is about 800-900 g of vegetables and cereals per day.

    9. What is the priority cooking method?

    Steaming or multicooker and baking are considered useful methods. If frying, simmer in butter or cook in dhi (ghee) butter.

    10. What products for youth can you recommend?

    • sea ​​fish;
    • leafy greens;
    • a variety of berries (frozen too);
    • virgin vegetable oils;
    • almonds, macadamia and pine nuts;
    • whole grains;
    • pure water.

    In addition, I wish all our patients harmony and balance between physical, mental, emotional and social health. Good luck!

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