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    The problem of infertility is in 90% of cases the problem of the couple. Therefore, the survey begins for both partners. After a visit to a fertility specialist, a man receives a referral to such a specialist as urologist-andrologist.

    This doctor treats patients in the context of two medical areas.

    Urology – deals with the treatment of diseases of the urinary and reproductive system, as well as pathologies of the retroperitoneal space in men and women.

    Andrology is associated with male physiology, diseases of the genital area and the reproductive function of men.
    Urologist-andrologist is a specialist who will help with solving such health problems:

    – All forms of male infertility.

    – Sexual dysfunction (physiological or psychological).

    – Hormonal disorders and metabolic syndrome.

    – Sexually transmitted diseases and their consequences.
    – Inflammatory and chronic diseases of the prostate.

    – Oncological diseases of the male genital area.

    – Age-related diseases in men.
    – Varicocele and other pathology.

    The specialists of the Lada Clinic have extensive practical experience in the treatment of male infertility and in the restoration of male reproductive function. Thanks to their work, thousands of men were able to become biological fathers for their children.

    In our Clinic you can also use the services of sperm cryopreservation and testicular donation.

    The best technologies are used in the treatment and diagnosis, as well as complete anonymity of treatment.

    Клиника репродуктивного здоровья "Лада"
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