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Treatment of female infertilityTreatment of female infertility

At some point in life, almost every woman in the world thinks about motherhood. It’s good when these dreams come true and long-awaited children appear in the family, but sometimes even after long attempts to get pregnant, nothing happens.

For many women, the diagnosis of female infertility sounds like a collapse of their dreams, and this is quite understandable. But do not give up, because with the possibility of modern medicine, it is quite possible to overcome female infertility in Odessa, and the doctors of our clinic can help with this.

Infertility symptoms in women

The most basic and obvious symptom can be called non-pregnancy in a woman who has had regular sex with a partner without contraception for more than one year. In addition, some features in the well-being and structure of the body can also give rise to the idea of ​​the presence of problems in the reproductive sphere.

  • Too high or too low weight index.
  • Previous or current presence of infections and inflammatory processes in the urogenital area.
  • Irregular or absent menstruation.

If you have any suspicions about fertility, we recommend that you discuss the issue with a reproductive doctor in Odessa.

Reasons why pregnancy does not occur

The female reproductive system is a complex mechanism, therefore the problems leading to the inability to get pregnant can be very diverse.

  • Hormonal (endocrine) hormones can be caused by a lack or excess of certain hormones in the female body. As a result of the imbalance, the maturation of the egg fails and pregnancy does not occur;
  • The reasons are due to obstruction of the fallopian tubes that arose after surgery, inflammation, ectopic pregnancy with damage to the tubes, ligation;
  • Causes due to the peculiarities of diseases and the structure of the uterus, including: malformations, abnormal positions, adenomyosis, scarring, fibroids, etc. Also, this category of reasons includes pathologies of the cervix;
  • Endometriosis;
  • Causes formed by polycystic ovary syndrome;
  • Immunological causes of female infertility, in which the partner’s seminal fluid or fertilized egg is perceived by the woman’s immune system as a foreign body;
  • Genetic reasons;
  • Age features of the female body;
  • Causes of unclear genesis, which also include psychological reasons.

During the examination, it often happens that doctors find not one factor that interferes with the onset of pregnancy, but several at once. However, even this should not scare you, because the right attitude is one of the components of successful treatment of infertility in women in Odessa.

Diagnostics and treatment of infertility in women in Odessa

Before starting the treatment of female infertility in Odessa, it is necessary to carry out a thorough examination. As a rule, the doctor conducts a number of laboratory and clinical studies, and also connects instrumental diagnostic methods.

Depending on the diagnosis made, a treatment plan is prescribed, which may include both medical and surgical methods. In some cases, it is possible to use modern technologies of reproductive medicine, such as:

  • controlled conception;
  • ICSI – in vitro fertilization with microinjection of spermatozoa;
  • IUI – artificial insemination into the woman’s uterus with the sperm of a partner or donor;
  • IVF – a technique for fertilizing an egg outside the mother’s body;
  • auxiliary hatching;
  • TESA, TESE – methods used in the presence of infertility in men;
  • cryopreservation of eggs or fertilized embryos;
  • donor services;
  • services of a surrogate mother.

A deliberate approach to family planning and infertility treatment is the first step towards achieving a dream, and the specialists of the Lada clinic are ready to help in its implementation.


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