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Today, the issue of infertility among men and women of reproductive age is quite acute both throughout the world and in Ukraine. From year to year, doctors more and more often diagnose infertility, and this trend is certainly alarming.

But, medicine does not stand still, and now more and more families from Odessa and from all over the country are able to overcome infertility and become parents, and a reproductive specialist can help with this.

When a fertility specialist is needed

The main task facing reproductive doctors around the world and in Odessa in particular is to carry out a number of measures to restore childbearing functions in couples where one of the partners or both are diagnosed with infertility, the reproductive specialist works not only with women, but also with men. … Also, this doctor carries out the IVF procedure, tracking the process of bearing a fetus, participating in the birth of a baby.

Contacting a fertility specialist is necessary in such cases:

  • when, during regular sexual relations between a man and a woman without the use of contraceptives, pregnancy does not occur for a year or more;
  • when one of the partners is to be treated for cancer by taking chemotherapy drugs or radiation, and in the future they plan to have children;
  • when the closest relatives of a woman (mother, grandmother, aunt, sister) had early menopause;
  • when in the family (close relatives on both sides) there have been cases of the birth of children with hereditary genetic diseases and congenital syndromes;
  • when a couple or separately a man / woman has already had experience with infertility treatment, which did not give results;
  • when additional consultation is required.
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In all these cases, a reproductive physician can give answers to questions of interest about the possibilities of reproductive medicine in Odessa.

What research is needed

The work of a reproductive specialist is always in close contact with the work of doctors of other specialties: therapist, obstetrician-gynecologist, endocrinologist, urologist, andrologist, immunologist, geneticist, embryologist. Therefore, scheduled examinations may also affect these areas of medicine.

  • The first stage after going to the doctor is a thorough collection of anamnesis. It is important for patients to be as honest and open as possible so that the specialist can correctly compare all the facts and prescribe further examination.
  • After an oral consultation, the doctor must review the results of all examinations, if any.
  • The next step is to inform patients about the possibilities of the clinic and modern methods of treatment.
  • After solving these issues, the doctor, together with the patient / patients, develops an examination plan, as a result of which the stages of treatment can be planned.

To collect complete information about the patient’s reproductive capabilities, various hormonal studies, ultrasound diagnostics, spermogram (in men) and, in some cases, more serious examinations such as hysteroscopy, biopsy and others can be used.

Treatment options

Today a reproductive specialist in Odessa can offer couples several opportunities to become parents. After passing the examination, an individual treatment program is developed for each patient, which can be either surgical or medication.

In some cases, when the treatment does not give positive results during the year, it is recommended to use the methods of assisted reproductive technologies, such as:

  • IUI artificial insemination;
  • IVF (IVF) in vitro fertilization;
  • ICSI intracytoplasmic sperm injection into the oocyte;
  • TESA is used for male infertility;
  • TESE is used for male infertility.

Today, in most cases, the diagnosis of “infertility” no longer sounds like a sentence, and reproductive specialists play a significant role in this.


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