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In vitro fertilizationIn vitro fertilization

Interest in the possibilities of reproductive medicine arose as early as 1944, when the first attempts were made to fertilize a female egg in vitro, i.e. outside the body, in a test tube. As expected, the development and study of this area took a long time in 1977. attempts were crowned with success, as a result of which, in the UK 1978. the world’s first baby was born, obtained as a result of the IVF procedure.

It should be noted that scientists of the former Soviet Union were also actively interested in reproductive medicine issues in 1986. in Russia, a boy was born, conceived with the help of extracorporeal fertilization.

Naturally, since then, the use of the extracorporeal fertilization procedure has become much more popular and today, in Ukraine, in Odessa, the price of IVF pregnancy as well as the possibilities have become much more affordable than even a couple of decades ago.

What determines the cost of IVF

At the moment, reproductive medicine in our country and in particular in Odessa is not funded by the state in any way. Therefore, the entire cost of the extracorporeal fertilization process is fully borne by the future parents. In order to find out the prices for the manipulations carried out in the reproduction center, you can first familiarize yourself with the price list, however, with a more detailed planning of a future pregnancy, consultation with the clinic’s specialists is necessary.

In vitro fertilization, as a process itself, given the experience and capabilities of modern equipment, in fact does not take much time, however, a number of auxiliary manipulations used in in vitro fertilization, the number of attempts and many other factors form the final cost, which may initially seem quite high.

The formation of the cost of the process of extracorporeal fertilization is influenced by the following factors:

  • what kind of biomaterial will be used – parents or donor;
  • whether hormonal stimulation of ovulation will be used;
  • the quality of the consumables used, medicines, etc. In this case, everyone should understand that high-quality products, like materials, cannot be cheap, because the health of both future parents and the baby depends on them;
  • whether the embryos will be frozen for the next attempt;
  • whether there will be assisted (laser) hatching;
  • number of attempts.

Also, the age of the woman can influence the formation of the final price. After 35 years, the reproductive capabilities of the female body begin to slow down, which may require additional procedures.

How to participate in the IVF program

Despite the rather high cost of the procedure, it is worth saying that the positive result is worth it. This can be confirmed by any happy parent, whose dream has come true with the help of IVF pregnancy. But also do not forget about pregnancy planning , which is important for the birth of a baby and should start as early as possible.

In order to undergo the procedure of extracorporeal fertilization in Odessa, you must first consult with a reproductologist, who will then prescribe the necessary tests or examination. And only after the doctor draws up an individual plan, you can find out the final cost of IVF and set the time for the procedure.


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