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    In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most effective methods of treating infertility.
    The essence of the method consists in the fertilization of cells “in vitro”, that is, outside the human body. To do this, a mature (suitable for fertilization) egg is removed from the woman’s body, placed in a special laboratory container, where it meets with the sperm for conception.
    In modern conditions, the ICSI method is most often used, when one sperm is injected into the egg. This allows you to control the process of conception as much as possible and to make it as efficient as possible.
    The cost of in vitro fertilization depends on the chosen IVF protocol. Basically, they differ in the set of drugs for stimulation, the time of embryo transfer and the number of manipulations.
    The main types of protocols:
    – in the natural cycle. That is, without the use of additional stimulation.
    – with the stimulation of superovulation. In such an IVF procedure is carried out using medications that allow you to get a larger number of mature eggs in 1 cycle.
    – fresh – the transfer is carried out in the same cycle as the puncture of the eggs.
    – cryoprotocols – the transfer is carried out in a different menstrual cycle. As part of this, the resulting embryos are vitrified (frozen).
    donor – IVF fertilization is performed using donor cells (oocytes, sperm or embryos).
    surrogacy. In this case, the embryo is transferred not to a biological, but to a surrogate mother.
    – the accumulation of eggs or embryos. In such cases, the transfer is not carried out, and the resulting cells/embryos are cryopreserved for use in the future.
    Which IVF protocol is right for you can be determined only after a thorough examination by a fertility specialist.

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