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Egg donationEgg donation

Egg donation in Odessa is a real opportunity to help childless couples who dream of a happy family in which cheerful children’s laughter sounds. Thanks to oocyte donation, many women, desperate to conceive a child, can bypass the diagnosis of infertility and give birth to a healthy baby using the IVF procedure.

When is egg donation necessary?

The inability to conceive a child on their own is a problem inherent in many women both in our country and abroad. For various reasons, the diagnosis of infertility can be given to both a young girl and an adult woman after 35 years. However, this is not the only reason why an egg donor may be needed. Previously transferred oncology treatment, hereditary diseases that can be transmitted from woman to child and many other medical indications can be the reason for the use of donor oocytes.

The need for donation gives rise to an offer, and today young and healthy women can be donors of oocytes, which will then be used during the IVF procedure in Odessa.

How to become an egg donor

Despite the desire to help, not every woman can take part in the egg donation program in Odessa. Quite strict requirements are imposed on candidates, which will allow childless couples to become parents in the future.

In order to become an oocyte donor in Odessa and sell your egg, you must meet the following requirements:

  • age up to 35 years;
  • having their own children / child who do not have serious health problems, developmental defects, etc.;
  • absence of genetic diseases;
  • no history of severe operations or complex diseases;
  • absence of malformations of internal organs.

In addition, a woman who wants to sell an egg in Odessa should not have bad habits, be healthy not only physically, but also psychologically. All egg donors, before selling their material, must undergo a full examination, which is regulated by Ukrainian legislation, as reflected by the order of the Ministry of Health No. 787.

Preparation for donation takes some time and includes specialist consultations, examination and hormonal therapy to synchronize the cycles of the expectant mother and the donor. The procedure for taking the material is quite simple and painless, after which the woman rests for a while and then returns to her usual life.

The donation price is quite attractive and will be a good reward for your desire to help childless families. You can find out more about the prices and features of the program in our clinic.

How a donor is chosen

For obvious reasons, future parents who decide to take part in the donor program will choose a suitable candidate, taking into account the characteristics of their appearance, physique, and health. Also, expectant mothers and fathers are interested in: the presence of bad habits in the past, education, personality traits, hobbies and much more. The IVF clinic does not disclose confidential information about the woman who has become a donor, but allows participants to find out the general parameters of appearance and information that influences the choice.

Participation in the donation program

Of course, on the one hand, it may seem that due to the attractive donation price and the ability to sell your biomaterial, this is a good income that can attract disadvantaged citizens to make quick profits. However, the patients of the Lada clinic have nothing to worry about, since we select potential oocyte donors with special care, which allows you to give birth to a healthy baby in the future.


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