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Duplex vein scanningDuplex vein scanning

Vascular disease is another disease that has significantly rejuvenated in recent years. And already very young people more and more often feel on themselves all the “delights” of this disease:

– Swelling and leg cramps.

– Heaviness and pain in the legs.

– Redness or blue discoloration of the skin.

– Formation of seals, ulcers, tubercles.

It seems to many that these are not very serious symptoms associated more with fatigue. This is an extremely erroneous opinion that can lead to serious consequences.

– Varicose veins.

– Thrombophlebitis and phlebothrombosis.

– Atherosclerosis.

– Formation of trophic ulcers.

All these diseases can not only significantly worsen human health, but also lead to very serious consequences, up to and including death.

The most effective way to diagnose the disease is duplex scanning of the lower extremities. Such an examination makes it possible to assess the state of blood vessels, the presence of blood clots, weakening of the venous valves, the speed and direction of blood flow.

In the Lada Clinic you can undergo a duplex scanning of the veins of the lower extremities, which is carried out by the doctor of ultrasound diagnostics of the highest category Vadim Belotserkovets. Also with this specialist you can undergo other types of ultrasound.


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