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Artificial inseminationArtificial insemination

Today, for many couples who, for various reasons, cannot conceive a child on their own, as well as for single women who dream of a baby, there is a wonderful opportunity to undergo an artificial insemination procedure and make their dreams come true.

Artificial insemination in Odessa is a procedure that has allowed those who have already despaired of trying to get pregnant to become parents for several decades. Artificial conception is understood as two procedures: insemination and in vitro fertilization. The difference between them is in the complexity of the procedure, in the conditions of fertilization and, of course, in the price.


Intrauterine insemination is carried out using a male biomaterial – sperm, which can either belong to the woman’s partner / husband or be donated. This method of fertilization can be used in connection with the following factors:

  • a woman has vaginismus;
  • problems with potency and / or ejaculation in a man;
  • with a decrease in sperm activity;
  • cervicitis, which for certain reasons cannot be cured;
  • immunological conflict between a couple;
  • if a woman wishes to have a child on her own, without a male partner.

As a rule, insemination is recommended for a couple or a woman after all the necessary examinations and the conclusion of a reproductive specialist. But even despite this, immediately before the procedure, it is required that the woman and the man, whose sperm will be used for insemination, go through the necessary stages of preparation.

The insemination procedure itself is quite simple. The partner donates sperm 2-3 hours before insemination; when using donor material, frozen sperm is used. Further, the obtained material is processed in the laboratory – the sperm is separated from the semen.

During the onset of ovulation in a woman (in some cases, drug stimulation is required), the prepared material is introduced into the uterus using a special catheter.

This procedure is affordable, easily tolerated, but the effectiveness of the method is much lower than that of the second IVF procedure in Odessa – IVF services.

In Vitro Fertilization

Today IVF can rightfully be called the most effective and reliable method of artificial insemination.

This technique is based on the fertilization of an egg with selected sperm in vitro, i.e. in the laboratory, outside the female body. After implantation of the prepared embryo into the uterus, the pregnancy proceeds and the delivery ends as usual.

The IVF procedure in Odessa is considered highly effective, however, due to financial possibilities, availability may be limited. The rather high price is due to the multistage, as well as the quality and cost of the materials and equipment used.

  • Under the strict supervision of a doctor, the hormonal activity of the woman’s body is suppressed, after which the ovaries are stimulated by hormones for the simultaneous maturation of several eggs (this increases the chances of success).
  • At the appropriate moment, the eggs are removed and the sperm is placed directly into the cavity of the egg with an ultra-thin glass needle (ICSI method).
  • A few days later, viable embryos are placed in the uterine cavity. During this period, the woman also needs hormone therapy, which makes it possible to achieve a natural course of pregnancy and successful embryo engraftment.

Both methods have their advantages, which one is right for you, the fertility specialist will tell you.


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