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Couples can choose a donor program in case if they have problems with their own reproductive cells (sperm cells or eggs) or if they have a disease, a child can inherit.

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Seeking a qualified medical aid in a timely manner and diagnostics are key to successful treatment and fast recovery.
There are continuous physiological changes in a sexual life of a woman that last from puberty to menopause. And because of sexual activity, pregnancy and other factors within that period, a woman is not immune to acquiring various diseases of the reproductive system.

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Surrogate motherhood is one of the methods of assisted reproductive technologies that is applied to treat difficult cases of female infertility.
A woman’s egg (of the genetic mother or donor) is fertilized by a sperm of the genetic father or semen donor. The embryos are incubated and then transferred to the surrogate mother’s uterine cavity and she will carry a baby.

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Cryopreservation is a method of deep-freezing of the biomaterial in the nitrogen at a temperature of -196ºС. All life processes in the cells shall stop its activity in such frozen condition, but most importantly, they shall fully preserve its structure and functions.

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Successful treatment depends on the establishment of a diagnosis.
Our Clinic provides a full range of laboratory and diagnostic as well as imaging studies of the organism that are required for both — male and female infertility and general health diagnostics.

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Andrology — is a branch of science and medicine concerned with the male reproductive function under normal and pathological conditions, as well as treatment of developmental disorders and disorders of male genital organs’ functions, including infertility, hypogonadism (as well as the disorders that are incompatible with the infertility), hormonal regulation of a male organism, sexual problems, age-related aspects of individual development (including childhood and aging), recovery of normal values of the sperm, rapid ejaculation.

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In case if within a year of regular sexual life without use of contraceptives you did not get pregnant, it does not necessarily mean that you are infertile.
The likelihood of spontaneous pregnancy is still possible, but chances are dwindling every year. In order not to lose the chances, one has to seek help from the specialists to be examined and to receive timely treatment.

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