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Effectiveness of programs up to 81,12%
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RePRODUCTIVE PLUS is a guarantee of your success.

The main difference between this programme and the rePRODUCTIVE programme is that it includes preimplantation genetic testing of embryos. This greatly increases the chance of pregnancy. As of today, programs with PGD, conducted in the Clinic «Lada», show 80.12% performance.
The rePRODUCTIVE PLUS programme will allow couples to repeat IVF cycles without additional cost.

The programme preserves and uses all the gametes of the woman before the onset of the clinical pregnancy.

The number of cryopenosis repeats is limited to the number of embryos that can be transported.

The programme is paid for once, without additional costs for repeated attempts of cryopenos

Programme includes PGD of embryos (up to 8 embryos)

In case of non-pregnancy after all attempts, the patient receives 80% of the cost of the programme (minus personal income tax and military fee)

The rePRODUCTIVE programme includes:

– Supervision and consultation of the couple by a fertility physician
– Ovulation induction, folliculometry, medication for stimulation within the programme.
– Transvaginal follicular puncture.
– Follicular fluid aspiration, primary treatment and evaluation of eggs.
– Fertilization of all mature eggs by the ICSI method.

– Cultivation of all resulting embryos to the blastocyst stage (5-6 days)
– Selective selection of embryos. Preimplantation genetic diagnosis of embryos (up to 8 embryos)
– Cryopreservation of all quality embryos
– Cryo-storage of the resulting embryos within 1 year of fertilization.
– Cryogenic transfer, until the moment of pregnancy or the moment when the substituted embryos from this protocol will be used.

The cost of the programme is 192500 UAH.

The possibility of participating in the rePRODUCTIVE programme is determined by the reproductologist after the couple’s examination.The program is considered successful when heartbeat confirmed by ultrasound after 5 weeks.

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