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    Promotion of the month “Save your dream”

    Time spending: Unlimited


    Free of charge*

    Special offer “Save your dream” for patients of reproductive clinics of Ukraine.
    Lada Clinic accepts your cryopreserved biological material (embryos, oocytes, seminal fluid) for free * storage until the end of the war.
    We guarantee you quality storage and a sensitive attitude to your future.
    Details at +380674870447

    * Free means cryopreservation services for UAH 10

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    Клиника репродуктивного здоровья "Лада"
    ул. Среднефонтанская, 19В, ЖК «Чудо-город» 65039 Украина, г.Одесса
    (0482) 373747, [email protected]