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    Special offer “Male reproductive health”

    Time spending: Unlimited


    4100 UAH

    4575 UAH

    Almost every man dreams of continuing his family.

    To do this, it is important to maintain your reproductive health.

    This will help with annual health checks.

    Unfortunately, it happens that at the moment when a man is ready to become a father, there are problems with his fertility. The percentage of male factor infertility is constantly growing. It now accounts for about 40% of all couple infertility cases.

    This is due to constant stress, dangerous working conditions, the environment and bad habits. In this case, a man may not experience problems with potency and ejaculation. However, his spermogram will be significantly below normal. Only in 15% of men who applied to the reproductive clinic, the quality of the seminal fluid is normal.

    In order to take timely action and be able to become a dad, it is important to control the state of your reproductive system. To make it easier for you, we have prepared a special offer?


    The program “Reproductive health of men” includes:

    – Urologist’s consultation

    – Kruger spermogram

    – PCR Androflor

    – Follicle stimulating hormone

    – Luteinizing hormone

    – Testosterone

    – Prolactin

    – Blood sugar

    – Ultrasound of the prostate

    – Ultrasound of the scrotum


    Promotional price – 4100 UAH  (regular price 4575 UAH)

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