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    Special offer “The “REPRODUCTIVE” program”

    Time spending: Unlimited


    126 500 UAH (payment in installments)

    This program will allow couples to have repeated IVF cycles at no additional cost.


    New, unique program from the Lada Clinic

    – this is a real help for those who are faced with the problem of infertility.


    Quite often, after the first failure, a couple gives up and postpones parenting “for later.” There are many reasons: psychological, moral, financial. The latter most often. That is why we have decided to launch the REPRODUCTIVE program.


    1. Within the framework of the program, all received embryos are preserved and used before the onset of clinical pregnancy.
    2. The number of cryo-transfer repeats is limited only by the number of embryos suitable for transfer. That is, you will have the opportunity to use every chance.
    3. The program is paid for as a one-time fee, without additional costs for repeated attempts at cryo-transfers.
    4. In case of non-pregnancy after using all attempts, the patient is refunded 80% of the cost of the program (minus personal income tax and military tax)



    The REPRODUCTIVE program includes:


    – Observation and consultation of a couple by a fertility specialist
    – Ovulation induction, folliculometry, stimulation medications within the program.
    – Transvaginal follicle puncture.
    – Aspiration of follicular fluid, initial processing and evaluation of oocytes.
    – Fertilization of all mature eggs using the ICSI method.

    – Cultivation of all obtained embryos to the blastocyst stage (5-6 days)
    – Selective selection of embryos.
    – Cryopreservation of all quality embryos
    – Cryostorage of the obtained embryos within 1 year from the date of fertilization.
    – Cryo-transfers, before pregnancy or until the frozen embryos from this protocol are used.



    The cost of the program is 126 500 UAH.


    The fact of successful implementation of the program is considered to be the onset of pregnancy with
    fetal heartbeat confirmed by ultrasound at 5 weeks.
    The possibility of participating in the REPRODUCTIVE program is determined by the reproductive physician after examining the couple.

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