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    Permanent promotions “Pregnancy planning”

    Time spending: Unlimited


    800 UAH

    1400 UAH

    Pregnancy planning, start with the essentials!


    We expect and plan the most important events in life:

    – School graduation.

    – Admission to the University.

    – Wedding.

    – Birthdays.


    But are we always planning a pregnancy? But it is precisely this event that can change your life as much as possible.

    Timely and correct PREGNANCY PLANNING is an opportunity to avoid difficulties and force majeure, to do everything on time and with maximum comfort.


    Where to begin?

    We recommend starting with a visit to a fertility specialist. It is this doctor who can assess your state of health in terms of parenting readiness.


    For a woman, this is an assessment of the state of the reproductive system, patency of the tubes, the readiness of the endometrium, the absence of complications and, of course, an assessment of the ovarian reserve. It is this indicator that plays an important role in planning, since it will answer the main question – for what period you can plan. Will there be enough cells to postpone pregnancy for years or is it better to decide on this step earlier.


    For men, this is an assessment of the quality of reproductive cells. To do this, it is necessary to undergo such a type of examination as a spermogram. At the same time, it is best to undergo it in a reproductive clinic, since only an experienced embryologist using professional equipment and environments can correctly assess the quality of your cells and their suitability for fertilization.


    When to start?



    First, it will give you the opportunity to plan your life as early as possible.

    Secondly, because now there is a special offer in the Lada Clinic:



    – Initial consultation with a reproductologist;

    – Spermogram expert class according to Kruger;

    – Vaginal ultrasound of the pelvic organs with an assessment of the ovarian reserve.


    Cost – 800 UAH (the usual cost is 1400 UAH)

    Get tested

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