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    Special offer “CONSILIUM APPOINTMENT of the three doctor Clinic Lada”

    Time spending: Unlimited


    1450 UAH

    To obtain the most detailed information about the causes of infertility, it is necessary to get the consultation with several specialists who consider the problem from different angles.

    Most often, this is a reproductologist, urologist-andrologist and embryologist.


    The urologist-andrologist evaluates the male factor of infertility, the causes of the disease, the prospect of treatment and the expected result.

    The embryologist gives an opinion on the quality of reproductive cells, the possibility of their use, as well as on the prospects for improving the results of the protocol through the use of additional actions (for example, PGT).

    The reproductive specialist evaluates the woman’s health status, her ovarian reserve, and also correlates them with the health status of the partner, after which doctor gives recommendations on the treatment of this couple.


    In cases where there are several factors of infertility and/or there have been previously unsuccessful IVF attempts, these specialists always resolve the issue together, choosing the most effective treatment strategy.

    And very often this information becomes decisive for the patient, allowing him to make the right decision to start or continue treatment.

    To speed up this process, we offer you a new service from the Lada Clinic

    CONSILIOUS RECEPTION 3 specialists


    1. Reception is carried out by 3 specialists of the Clinic:
    •  – Reproductologist
    •  – Urologist-andrologist
    •  – Embryologist
    •  – Other specialists may be involved (if necessary)
    1. To participate in the concilium, you need to fill out a form or contact our administrators, as well as send us the results of previous examinations or expert opinions.
    2. An appointment is made at least 7 days before the appointment, so that the specialists have time to get acquainted with the medical history.
    3. The patient may be recommended to undergo an additional examination before the concilium appointment, in case of lack of information about the state of health.
    4. Duration of concilium – 1 hour.
    5. The concilium appointment can be held both at the Lada Clinic and online (for all participants or for some of them, as agreed with the patient)


    Service cost: 1450 UAH


    Upcoming appointment dates:

    25.02 reproductive specialist Azhder I.A. / urologist Kuznetsov D.A. / Embryologist Rudenko A.S.

    26.03. reproductive specialist Kaleeva A.O. / urologist Melenevsky A.D. / embryologist Rudenko A.S.

    29.04. reproductologist Danilova E.A. / urologist Kuznetsov D.A. / Embryologist Rudenko A.S.

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