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    Permanent promotions “Breast health check-up”

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    800 UAH

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    Breast cancer is one of the three most common cancers, and it is also one of those diseases that is very often inherited. At the same time, it can be in a hidden form for a very long time and not show itself.

    However, cancer is not the only breast disease that a woman can face.

    – Mastopathy.

    – Breast cysts

    – Galactocele

    – Galactorrhea

    – Fibroadenoma

    – Lipoma

    – Intraductal papilloma

    – Mastitis

    – Oleogranuloma

    – Gynecomastia.

    For timely diagnosis of the disease it is NECESSARY to be examined at least once a year. And in the framework of planning and carrying a pregnancy – such an examination is mandatory. This will preserve not only health but also beauty for many years to come.

    The special offer of Lada Clinics – Breast Health Check-up includes breast ultrasound and consultation with a mammologist.

    Special offer price – UAH 800 (regular price UAH 1000)

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