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    Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

    Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

    Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (testing) of 24 chromosome pairs by NGS, a CGH is recommended for couples in the following cases:

    – a man or woman over 38 years old

    – a history of partners have self-abortions or medical abortion

    – undergoing several IVF programs with negative results

    – parents have genetic diseases

    – hereditary or genetic pathologies in family members

    This study is necessary to control possible structural chromosomal abnormalities, which allows you to obtain accurate information about the genetic status of the embryo.

    PGT can detect up to 150 genetic disorders that cause such serious genetic diseases as:

    – hemophilia

    – cystic fibrosis

    – Down, Edwards, Patau syndromes.

    – Duchenne / Becker muscular dystrophy, etc.

    This procedure is safe and does not affect the development of the embryo and good health of the future baby.

    13500 грн.

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