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Good afternoon, we are sincerely glad that you wish to become parents!
Lada Reproductive Health Clinic wishes you an easy achievement of your goal and a comfortable stay at the Clinic.
In order for your first consultation to be more informative, we recommend that you pass the examination data before consulting a reproductive physician. You can take these studies directly in our Clinic.

For women:
1. Blood test. It is necessary to donate blood for analysis on days 2-5 of the menstrual cycle.
a. AMH or Anti-Müllerian hormone is an accurate marker of ovarian reserve. This hormone is produced by ovarian follicles and shows a woman’s reproductive potential.
b. PRL or Prolactin is a lactotropic hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland. It affects the functioning of the human reproductive system
c. FSH or Follicle Stimulating Hormone is a pituitary hormone that regulates the function of the gonads. Interacts with receptors in ovarian and testicular cells. Accelerates the formation of follicles, stimulates the formation of estrogen.
d. LH or luteinizing hormone. In women, it stimulates the synthesis of estrogen; regulates the secretion of progesterone and the formation of the corpus luteum.
e. TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone is a glycoprotein produced by the cells of the anterior pituitary gland. It is an important element of the metabolic system and controls the functions of the thyroid gland, and also affects the reproductive function of a woman.
2. Transvaginal ultrasound of the pelvic organs. It is necessary to go to the Lada Clinic on the day of the consultation.

For men:
1. Spermogram according to Kruger. We recommend that you go to the Lada Clinic before consulting a reproductologist.

Preparation for analyzes and research:
1. Blood test:
a. Do not eat for 12 hours prior to examination.
b. Avoid taking hormonal and potent drugs within 48 hours before the study.
c. Do not smoke for 30 minutes before testing.
2. ultrasound
a. A day before coming to the doctor, do not consume gas-forming products: fermented milk products, black bread, beans, peas, fresh vegetables and fruits, sweets, carbonated water;
b. Drink sorbent 12 hours before the study (use as directed by a doctor);
c. Empty bladder.
3. Spermogram:
a. Refrain from ejaculation (sexual intercourse and masturbation) for 3-4 days (but not more than 5 days);
b. Do not drink alcohol (even beer) 5-6 days before the procedure;
c. For 3-4 days before the procedure, do not visit baths, saunas, do not take hot baths;
d. Do not engage in heavy physical labor 2-3 days before the procedure;


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