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Lada clinic specialists take part in medical seminars

Modern medicine is one of the fastest growing areas of science. Discoveries are made every day, new technologies are mastered, new theories find prooves.

Therefore, doctors are constantly learning. Courses, seminars, forums, webinars – all this is in the schedule of every doctor. The specialists of the Lada Clinic are no exception.
The realities of this year are such that most of the events have been transferred online. Therefore, meetings with colleagues are especially pleasant.

In October, Odessa hosted an event “Topical issues of infertility and pregnancy management in patients with extragenital pathology. An interdisciplinary approach. ”
As always, at such events, a lot of valuable information, new data and conclusions were obtained. The leading specialists of the Clinic – reproductologists took part in the event: Kaleeva I.A., Danilova E.A., Azhder I.A., gynecologist I.O. Chernenko, embryologist V.V. Sinenko


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