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Keeping up with the times: 3D tour on the Clinic website


The Lada clinic tries to keep up with the times.

Quite recently, we announced that there will be an online broadcast on the next Open Day (June 24, 2017). In this regard, we decided to go further. Now, you can visit the Clinic without leaving your home.

The Clinic’s website now has a 3D tour.

You can walk along the corridors and offices of the Medical Center, enter the operating room and wards. To get to the “sanctum sanctorum” (Holy of Holies) of any reproductive clinic is the embryological unit that is the pride of our center. You will be able to see the flatbed incubators and the anti-vibration table (the main advantage of which is that it isolates the microscope from vibrations generated by the external environment). There, where embryologists “conjure” and where the leg of “an ordinary person” has not gone.

You can perform various manipulations with the 3D tour: zoom in / out the panorama, scroll it 360 degrees, set it to full screen mode, etc.

Lada Clinic strives to increase comfort for all users who want to have a complete understanding of our Reproductive Health Center! Be healthy and take care of yourself!

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