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Payment by installments of Lada Clinic services.

In medicine, a very important parameter is the right dosage.It must have the right effect and not harm the body.We always prescribe the optimal treatment regimen and individual dosage to patients.

We also used this principle in our treatment payment system.Many patients find it difficult to pay at once.Therefore we found a good partner-internet-bank MONOBANK,which helps us split clinic services into a good dosing system. Namely for 3 payments.

How is payment done?

Together with a reproductologist, after passing the necessary examinations, you choose for yourself the ART program that suits you best.

After that you draw up documents with the administrator, where you will be told the cost of service.

And now you say the magic word MONOBANK and together with our client-manager you make out installments for payment of services.

Registration of installments is very fast and does not require any additional documents from you. It is enough to be a MONOBANK customer with a valid card, which can be registered here https://bitly.su/ROi8d8

To start the service you should make 1/3 payment.

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At registration of installments, the cost of service does not change.We're maintaining the right dosage here, too!Lada Clinic assumes all expenses at % rates for using the credit limit.
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