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Effectiveness of programs up to 80,52%
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Promotions in the Lada clinic

IVF program “Christmas”

  • A complex of examinations and IVF procedure;
  • Promotional price UAH 51,900 (your savings will be UAH 6,000);
  • Having paid for the program in December, you can use it next year without changing the price;
  • Registration by phone: +38 (0482) 37-37-47.

Your gynecologist

  • Comprehensive gynecological examination;
  • The special offer includes: consultation with a gynecologist, ultrasound, diagnostics of gynecological diseases;
  • Promotional price 1800 UAH (old price 2400 UAH);
  • Promotion is limited.

New, unique program from the clinic “Lada”

The reproductive program is a real help for those who are faced with the problem of infertility.

  • Within the framework of the program, all obtained embryos are preserved and used;
  • The number of cryotransfer repetitions is limited by the number of embryos suitable for transfer;
  • The program is paid as a lump sum;
  • In the event that pregnancy does not occur after using all the ATTEMPTS, the patient is refunded 80% of the cost of the program.

Social Thursday

  • Every Thursday of the month, the clinic holds an appointment with fertility doctors on the issues of infertility on a free basis.
  • Registration for all comers is possible within the current month on any Thursday.

Payment in parts for the services of the Clinic “Lada”

  • You choose ART program for yourself;
  • Draw up documents with administrators;
  • Say the magic word MONOBANK and arrange an installment plan to pay for services;
  • To start the service, make 1/3 of the payment.

10% discount on specialist consultation

  • All clients who have undergone IVF at the Lada Reproductive Health Clinic, starting from January 2017, we give a permanent 10% discount on consultations of all specialists.
  • We also give a permanent 10% discount on visits to any type of ultrasound examination in our clinic Lada.


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