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Promotions in the Lada clinic

Promotion “Happy Summer”

  • IVF protocol with medicines and ICSI for only 44,500 UAH.
  • Offer validity period: from 02.06.2021 until 31.08.2021

Promotion “Two steps “

  • You get 2 consultations of a reproductive physician at the price of a second consultation – 450 UAH.
  • Any of the consultations included in the promotional offer can be done both in the clinic and online.

Pregnancy planning

  • Primary consultation with a reproductive specialist;
  • Expert class spermogram according to Kruger;
  • Vaginal ultrasound of the pelvic organs with assessment of ovarian reserve;
  • Special price – UAH 800 (usual cost UAH 1,400);

Gynecological screening

  • The promotion includes an сonsultation and examination by a gynecologist, swab for flora, ultrasound of the pelvic organs and PAP test
  • Special offer price – UAH 900 (regular price UAH 1600).

Check-up of breast health

  • The promotion includes an ultrasound scan of the mammary glands and a consultation with a mammologist;
  • Special offer price – UAH 650 (regular price UAH 850).

Cheсk-up thyroid health

  • Endocrinologist consultation
  • Thyroid ultrasound
  • Analyzes: TSH, T3 and T4 (free), ATPO
  • Price of this offer is UAH 1300 (regular price UAH 1800)

Women’s health check-up

  • Comprehensive gynecological examination;
  • The special offer includes: consultation with a gynecologist, ultrasound, diagnostics of gynecological diseases;
  • Promotional price 1990 UAH (old price 3100 UAH);

Payment in parts for the services of the Clinic “Lada”

  • You choose an ART program for yourself;
  • Draw up documents with administrators;
  • Say the magic word MONOBANK and arrange an installment plan to pay for services;
  • To start the service, make 1/3 of the payment.

“rePRODUCTIVE” program

  • Repeated IVF cycles at no extra charge
    Within the framework of the program, all received embryos are saved and used before the onset
    clinical pregnancy.
  • The number of cryotransfer repetitions is limited only by the number of embryos suitable for
    transfer. You will have the opportunity to take every chance.
    The program is paid for as a one-time payment, without additional costs for repeated attempts
  • In case of non-pregnancy after using all attempts, the patient
    80% of the cost of the program is refunded (minus personal income tax and military tax)
  • The cost of the program is 125 000 UAH

10% discount on specialist consultation

  • All clients who have undergone IVF at the Lada Reproductive Health Clinic, starting from January 2017, we give a permanent 10% discount on consultations of all specialists.
  • We also give a permanent 10% discount on visits to any type of ultrasound examination in our clinic Lada.


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