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    Treatment of infertility in the clinic «Lada».

    Effectiveness of programs
    up to 81.12

    More than 3120 babies were born with our help

    8 out of 10 couples at the Lada Clinic reach their goal

    Why Lada?

    The Lada Reproductive Health Clinic has been conducting all possible effective ART programmes that meet modern requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) to provide medical assistance to patients with infertility since 2009. We have helped over 2,790 children to be born. This is mainly due to IVF programs.

    In 2018 alone, 291 women received the full treatment cycle, the results of which brought many couples happiness – the long-awaited pregnancy and childbirth. To evaluate the effectiveness of infertility treatment, the indicator used is the rate of pregnancy. This is the number of clinical pregnancies that have occurred as a result of started IVF cycles over a certain period of time. In 2018, this indicator for the Lada Clinic was 48.39%.

    Pregnancy rate diagram at the clinic Lada in 2018
    It should be noted that according to the latest official data of the European Association of Reproductive Health and Embryology (ESHRE), the pregnancy rate varies from 30% to 47% in different European countries.

    Pregnancy Rate Diagram 2018

    Pregnancy rate is the number of clinical pregnancies resulting from initiated IVF cycles over a certain period of time.

    Cryogenic transfer (KET)

    A procedure in which endometrium monitoring and modelling are performed for one or moremonths, with the further transfer of previously frozen embryos into the uterine cavity.
    Pregnancy rate at Lada Clinic in 2018 with using KET

    "Fresh" embryo transfer (FET).

    A procedure whereby one or more embryos are placed in the uterine cavity in a controlledovarian stimulation cycle.
    Pregnancy rate at Lada Clinic in 2018 with using FET
    In 2018, the pregnancy rate indicator was 48.39%
    A total of 226 cryogenic transfer and 27 FET transfers were performed.

    Donor Programme (D/O)

    This programme is mainly used when a woman does not have her own eggs. In this case,donor ovaries or embryos are used for pregnancy. In cases where the pregnancy isinfluenced by the male factor, we use therapeutic and surgical techniques.
    Pregnancy rate at the Lada Clinic in 2018 with using D/O

    Lada Clinic

    When it comes to properly planned pregnancy, with the lowest risk for mother and child, we follow the tactic of selective embryo transfer. In this case, the woman only transfers one embryo into the uterine cavity. That is, with this protocol, we get a pregnancy with one baby. In cases where there are special medical conditions, it is possible to transfer two embryos, which increases the chances of pregnancy. The only risk in this situation is multiple pregnancies and the birth of twins. In our clinic, a multiple pregnancy in 2018 was only 4.98% of the total results.

    In cases where the onset of pregnancy is influenced by the male factor, we use therapeutic and surgical techniques. And even in particularly difficult cases, when it is necessary to resort to a testicular biopsy, we have achieved high results, which are about 80% of the pregnancy rate for the male factor of infertility.

    Impact of age of women on the effectiveness of ART programme.

    An important indicator affecting the pregnancy rate is the age of the expectant mother. The older a woman is, unfortunately, the lower her chances of pregnancy. Depending on age, the efficiency of IVF programmes is distributed as follows:
    Age under 25 years:
    Age 25-29 years:
    Age 30-34 years:
    Age 35-39 years:
    Age over 40 years:

    Pregnancy rate depending on age 2018

    до 25 лет25-30 лет30-34года35-39 лет40 истарше20406080100
    Lada Clinic is a member of the UARM and ESHRE associations and officially submitsreports on its performance to these associations. On the associations Internet resources,information is made available to the public:

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