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The beginning of winter is the time for gifts!

We really want this winter to be happy for you!  Therefore, we have prepared a special offer for you!

Only in December, only in the Lada Clinic, there is the Christmas program!

The program includes:

  • Consultations of specialists (reproductologist, embryologist, psychologist).
  • Induction of ovulation, folliculometry.
  • Medication support of the program with the best modern drugs to stimulate superovulation.
  • Transvaginal follicle puncture, follicular fluid aspiration, oocyte assessment.
  • Fertilization in vitro + ICSI (up to 10 egg cells).
  • Cultivation of embryos up to 5 days.
  • Embryo transfer.
  • hCG test.
  • Ultrasound scan before 10 weeks of pregnancy.

The total cost of the program is UAH 51900 (your savings will be UAH 6000).  Having paid for the program in December, you can use it next year without changing the price.

Don’t postpone your pregnancy for next year!  Visit us now!

Sign up for a consultation call today on +38 (0482)37-37-47

The cost of the program is 51 900 UAH.

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