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Answers from the reproductive specialist Azhder Irina Anatolyevna

How does hormone therapy affect the female body, what are the side effects?

Let’s start with the fact that stimulation in the IVF protocol lasts only 10-12 days, under the supervision of a reproductive specialist. It is called that – controlled ovarian stimulation.

The dosage of drugs is clearly calculated and selected on the basis of preliminary studies of the woman’s health and consultation with related specialists (therapist, endocrinologist, mammologist, etc.).

Based on their conclusions, indications and contraindications for this ART method are determined. In case the risks are too high, the IVF protocol in the natural cycle is used.

I would like to note that today the effectiveness of the Lada Clinic is 100% of IVF protocols without OHSS.

Is the embryo always transferred alone? And if people want twins? Is it possible to transfer two embryos? And does this affect the cost?

In the absence of contraindications, it is possible to transfer 2 embryos at the same time. However, we always warn prospective parents that this is associated with certain risks.
Firstly, twins are an additional burden on the body of the mother and baby. With twins, the risk is higher that it will not be possible to endure pregnancy until 37-40 weeks.

Secondly, a situation is possible when one of the embryos share, forming one egg twins, and then you will not get twins, but triplets.

However, in some cases, the transfer of 2 embryos is advisable and recommended.

Transfer of 2 embryos does not affect the cost of IVF.

How effective is insemination? I am 39 years old

The statistical efficiency of IUI is in the range of 12-18%, and with age, this indicator sharply decreases.

First of all, this is dictated by a change in the structure of the egg membrane (it becomes thicker and it is more difficult for the sperm to penetrate it).

It should also be borne in mind that with age, the general health of a woman worsens.

How long does it take to examine a couple before IVF?

Most often, the examination process takes from 1 to 2 months. We recommend that you do not stretch it for a longer period, as this may lead to distorted results. Most of the analyzes and studies can be done directly at the Lada Clinic, and there is a special discount for complex studies.

My husband had no sperm, after a year of treatment they appeared, but very few, the urologist-andrologist said urgently to freeze the sperm and prepare for IVF + ICSI. Please tell me if it will be effective for frozen semen.

Yes, it will. In any case, I recommend using fresh spermatozoa whenever possible, but in case they are not found on the day of follicle puncture, it is advisable to have several frozen portions, depending on the spouse’s ovarian reserve.

How long can it take to plan IVF after ectopic (narrow tubes revealed after laparoscopy)

After 1-2 months. But sometimes a longer recovery period is needed. It depends on the results of the laparoscopy and the degree of health recovery.

Did some inseminations at another clinic two years ago. Does it make sense to do it again or is it still IVF?

It is necessary to familiarize yourself with the results of the examination of the couple, the oocyte reserve, and age. You can try 1 more insemination. And then make a decision.

Hello, how long after coronavirus can I start IVF programs?

It all depends on the form in which Covid-19 proceeded and the state of health at the moment.

How long can embryos be frozen? And does the shelf life affect the quality? Thank you

Can be stored for an unlimited number of years. To date, a case of the birth of a child after 25 years of embryo cryopreservation has been recorded. It has been proven that freezing practically does not affect the quality of the embryos and their survival rate after vitrification is 99.9%.

What is the likelihood of pregnancy with impassable tubes?

The chance of natural pregnancy is very close to 0%. With IVF, the chances are high.

Can a gynecologist diagnose infertility or should I go to a fertility specialist?

Not always, it all depends on the qualifications of the specialist. In the absence of pregnancy for more than 6 months of regular sexual activity, we recommend contacting a reproductive specialist, since the cause of infertility can be not only the female factor or gynecological diseases.

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