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    Rozanova Olga


    Reproductive psychologist
    Clinical psychologist

    Work experience:  21 years

    About the doctor

    Clinical psychologist.

    She graduated from OMU № 3 with a degree in Nursing.

    Graduated from ONU after II. Mechnikov on the specialty “Psychology”.

    Practicing since 2020. He has been dealing with infertility problems since 2009.

    Wrote her Ph.D. thesis on “Resilience and Stress Resistance”. Author of several scientific articles.

    He is a member of the Ukrainian Association for the Prevention of Self-Harmful Behavior.

    She took psychological trainings on resolving conflicts and increasing resistance to stress.

    She is a regular participant in psychology master classes.

    She worked at ONAFT as an assistant at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Law at ONAFT, taught a course in general psychology, conducted practical exercises with students.

    Professionally masters the theory and practice of individual and family psychological counseling, the skills of identifying psychological problems, their causes and methods of their correction. Based on the obtained individual psychological portrait of the client, it carries out the prevention of possible behavioral destruction. Works with psychosomatics, stress, addiction in relationships, personal and family crises, suicidal attempts, depression, high anxiety, bipolar disorders, etc.

    Works with children from 3 years old and adolescents – age crises, enuresis, child self-esteem, diagnostics of parent-child relationships, psychological readiness for school, deviant behavior.

    Work experience

    Total work experience 21 years, 11 years dealing with infertility. She works at ONAHT as an assistant at the Department of Philosophy, Sociology and Law at ONAHT, teaches a course in general psychology, conducts practical classes with students.

    • since 2010 - up to the present time - works at the Lada Clinic.

    Performed procedures:

    Клиника репродуктивного здоровья "Лада"
    ул. Среднефонтанская, 19В, ЖК «Чудо-город» 65039 Украина, г.Одесса
    (0482) 373747, [email protected]