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Multifollicular ovaries – pregnancy planning

Usually female ovaries contain 3-7 follicles (sacs where the egg matures), of which 1-2 fully mature. Multifollicular changes in the ovaries suggest an increase in follicles up to 8-10, which is a deviation. This is not a separate disease, but a signal of the possible presence of some kind of pathology. Multifollicular ovaries – causes […]

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The effect of IVF on a woman’s body

All protocols of in vitro fertilization are carried out in accordance with the established procedure, determined by the Law of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine 787. To date, a large number of clinical studies have been carried out to be able to speak with confidence about the safety of IVF procedures. The risks to […]

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What is fertility and how to spot the signs of poor fertility?

When talking about a couple’s ability to conceive and give birth to a child, experts often use the word fertility. In women and men, it is represented by different factors, but the essence of the concept is the same and does not depend on gender. What is fertility? The term comes from the Latin fertilis […]

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Can’t get pregnant. What to do?

Pregnancy is a natural process with regular sexual intercourse without contraceptives. Despite the fact that this process is completely natural, many factors can prevent the onset of pregnancy. Starting from general physical and psychological condition, to real health problems. With the right approach to pregnancy, you need to start with an examination. And the first […]

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Polyp in the uterus: causes, diagnosis and treatment

Uterine polyps – benign neoplasms in the uterine cavity resulting from the proliferation of endometrial cells. At the initial stage, this process is usually asymptomatic. If multiple growths are present or grow to large sizes, the following symptoms may appear: non-menstrual bleeding (bloody, spotting); menstrual irregularities; profuse bleeding during menstruation; highlights, whitening; cramping pains in […]

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Embryo transfer: what you need to know and how to prepare

In a procedure such as IVF fertilization , embryo transfer is the final and very important step. This is a pleasant and exciting procedure that is completely painless. The expectant mother observes all the manipulations of the embryologist on a special screen, so she can be sure that everything is going on correctly and she […]

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What is ovarian reserve?

Ovarian reserve is the total supply of follicles at different stages of growth in a woman’s ovaries. These include the most immature germ cells, which are just about to develop to full-fledged eggs, as well as growing and maturing oocytes. The number of follicles is laid during the period of intrauterine formation and depends on […]

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Answers from the reproductive specialist Azhder Irina Anatolyevna

How does hormone therapy affect the female body, what are the side effects? Let’s start with the fact that stimulation in the IVF protocol lasts only 10-12 days, under the supervision of a reproductive specialist. It is called that – controlled ovarian stimulation. The dosage of drugs is clearly calculated and selected on the basis […]

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Chronic diseases of the genital organs as a factor of infertility

Pelvic inflammatory disease is the most commonly diagnosed gynecological problem.  They are caused by viral and microbial pathogens that enter the body sexually, through other organs, and also due to improper hygiene.  The main danger of inflammatory diseases is that the acute form quickly becomes chronic.  The consequences of this are the most serious: persistent […]

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Ovarian dysfunction: causes and symptoms

The ovaries are both a reproductive organ and a gland that performs the functions of the endocrine system. She is responsible for the production of sex hormones and the maturation of eggs. Dysfunctions of the ovaries include various disorders in their work caused by endocrine disorders, inflammatory processes, infections, operations. Their nature is not necessarily […]

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