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Answers from the reproductive specialist Azhder Irina Anatolyevna

How does hormone therapy affect the female body, what are the side effects? Let’s start with the fact that stimulation in the IVF protocol lasts only 10-12 days, under the supervision of a reproductive specialist. It is called that – controlled ovarian stimulation. The dosage of drugs is clearly calculated and selected on the basis […]

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Chronic diseases of the genital organs as a factor of infertility

Pelvic inflammatory disease is the most commonly diagnosed gynecological problem.  They are caused by viral and microbial pathogens that enter the body sexually, through other organs, and also due to improper hygiene.  The main danger of inflammatory diseases is that the acute form quickly becomes chronic.  The consequences of this are the most serious: persistent […]

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Ovarian dysfunction: causes and symptoms

The ovaries are both a reproductive organ and a gland that performs the functions of the endocrine system. She is responsible for the production of sex hormones and the maturation of eggs. Dysfunctions of the ovaries include various disorders in their work caused by endocrine disorders, inflammatory processes, infections, operations. Their nature is not necessarily […]

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Reasons for failed IVF – what is worth knowing before the procedure?

According to statistics for 2019, the success rate for IVF at the Lada clinic was 48.39%.  This is a high rate.  Why can’t a 100% guarantee be achieved?  This is due to the large number of factors that can make IVF ineffective. Why egg fertilization does not occur during IVF: common factors IVF program consists […]

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Method of preimplantation genetic diagnostics in IVF programs

Official statistics from the World Health Organization confirm that the risk of having a child with chromosomal abnormalities increases with age. Moreover, this trend does not depend on the method of fertilization: the risk is present in both natural and artificial conception. The solution is the genetic analysis of the embryo with IVF. The procedure […]

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Who is an embryologist?

An important role in reproductive medicine is played by the embryologist.  The work of this specialist is of immense importance for the treatment of infertility.  The embryologist works mainly in the laboratory, the entrance to which is strictly limited even for the clinic staff for reasons of sanitary standards and in view of the specifics […]

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Infertility control special forces

Treating an illness is much like a serious battle in which two experienced armies decide which of them deserves victory. And if the disease acts in a dirty way (beats on the sly, hides the symptoms), then the team of doctors always plays openly and very harmoniously. This is what brings us to victory. In […]

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TOP 10 most common IVF myths

There are many misconceptions about IVF reproductive technology. Myths become a big problem for infertile couples who cannot decide on treatment. Let’s consider the most common judgments about IVF. 1. Infertility is an exclusively female problem According to last year’s statistics, 40% of cases of infertility diagnosed by doctors had a male factor. In some […]

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Surrogacy: why are we afraid of it?

Many couples today face the problem of infertility. Some families are completely incapable of giving birth to a healthy child. Their only chance to become parents is reproductive medicine. The successful development of modern technologies for combating infertility allows finding a way out of those situations that were previously considered hopeless. But at the same […]

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Intrauterine insemination: what you need to know?

Intrauterine or simply artificial insemination is a special technology of reproductive medicine, in which sperm obtained without intercourse is injected into the uterine cavity. In this case, both the sex cells of the partner and the donor material can be used. This is one of those ART procedures in which the process of conception is […]

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