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Is it possible to find out the sex of the baby with the help of IVF

Surely, each of us at least once in his life came across on the Internet some folk methods of calculating the sex of the unborn child. Our grandmothers or relatives didn’t tell us anything. Whatever they come up with – from the color of the bed linen at the time of conception to the shape […]

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ICSI – the probability of success

In case of male infertility, the ICSI method is in great demand, since it is the only way to get pregnant for a woman paired with such a problem. The ICSI procedure is based on the fact that the embryologist takes in mature oocytes on the day of puncture. After careful examination under a microscope, […]

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How artificial insemination spread in world history

The idea of ​​in vitro fertilization (IVF) has been worked on for centuries. Thus, in 1784, the Italian Lazzaro Spalanzani conducted the world’s first artificial insemination of a dog. As a result of the experiment, three healthy puppies were born. And in 1790, a doctor from Scotland, John Hunter, performed the world’s first procedure for […]

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Men’s talk about men’s fears during IVF

It is scary for everyone, especially when it comes to loved ones, family, children. In the latter case, the fears increase many times over, because to them is added a great responsibility. As a doctor with many years of experience, I can say that many men, crossing the threshold of the clinic of reproductive medicine, […]

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The psychology of infertility

According to statistics, about 30% of all infertile couples cannot conceive a child solely for psychological reasons. Indeed, in the overwhelming majority of patients with infertility, various disorders of the psychoemotional sphere are revealed: a feeling of inferiority, loneliness, hysterical states while waiting for a new cycle, a sense of guilt. Characteristics of a woman’s […]

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Reception of a reproductologist: what to say, what questions to ask

No secrets Often, expectant mothers hide some details regarding intimate life, hygiene, or even undergoing assisted reproductive technologies (ART) programs in other clinics. Unfortunately, this can significantly affect the course and duration of treatment. So why complicate things? If you do not have confidence in your doctor, change your doctor, but withholding something is unsafe, […]

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Assessment of embryo quality – how to define “low-quality”

In modern embryology, each embryologist determines the quality of the embryo. What is it for? So that when we have not one, but several embryos, it would be possible to choose, first of all, the most promising for transfer. In the arsenal of an embryologist, today, there are from modern embryoscopy and preimplantation diagnostics to […]

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ICSI through the eyes of an embryologist

Such a mysterious and beautiful process as fertilization, to great happiness, fell to the lot of embryologists. One of the fertilization techniques is called ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection). Before starting this procedure, on the day of the puncture, the embryologist very carefully looks for the eggs under a microscope and puts them in an incubator […]

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Effects of DNA fragmentation on fertility

The study of male fertility is carried out in a comprehensive manner using a number of multidirectional tests. This is the only way to get a complete picture of the state of the male reproductive system. One of the important tests is to check the integrity of the genetic material. There is a special test […]

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Answers to questions from the reproductive specialist Danilova Ekaterina Olekseevna

Tell us about the criteria for joining the program Reproductive, there is no way to come to you. Age 38 years old, at least 16 antral follicles, AMH more than 2, normal karyotype, no more than 1 lane surgery in history, normal spermogram. More detailed information can be obtained from your fertility specialist. If there […]

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